Blind Auditions Conclude on ‘The Voice’

It’s the final night of the blind auditions on “The Voice”. Adam needs two artist to fill his team, the other coaches – Miley, Jennifer, and Blake – only need one more artist to fill their teams.

The Voice

Miley is one artist away from making “The Voice” history by having a team of all women.

First up is Kristi Hoopes, a self professed hippie chick who loves Country music. Kristi was about halfway through her song when Blake pushed his button, later Adam also turned his chair followed by Jennifer. Adam called Kristi brilliant; adding that she is not a Country artist. Jennifer said that she loved Kristi’s sass; adding that Kristi has a big voice. Blake said that Kristi has a big range which opens it up for her to sing all kinds of Country music songs. Kristi chose Blake to be her coach. Blake becomes the first coach to fill his team.

Michael Kight has been singing since he was four years old and playing the guitar since he was 12. Michael said that he loves Maroon 5 and would love to get a lesson from Adam. Michael sang one of Adam and Maroon 5’s songs – “Sugar” – for his audition. Adam was the only coach to turn his chair. Saying that Michael made a good song choice, Adam noted that Michael had an interesting take on the song; adding that Michael seems like he can do it all. Saying that she felt Michael’s soul, Jennifer said that she almost turned her chair around.

High school wrestler Jeremiah Miller used to sing the National Anthem before his wrestling meets. Adam turned his chair early and was later joined by Jennifer who was grooving to the song. Miley said that she was excited to see what a coach would do with his voice. Adam noted that Jeremiah had some flaws in his voice but also had some raw qualities that he liked. Jennifer said that Jeremiah has the full package and is a future star. Jeremiah chose Jennifer to be his coach. Jennifer has completed her team.

Coming from a military family, Serina Rae put joining the Navy on hold to audition for “The Voice”. Serina sings in English and Spanish and sang “Stand By Me” in both languages but failed to turn any chairs. Blake and Miley thought there were two people singing and were surprised to find it was only one. Adam said that she has a strong voice. Miley noted that Serina’s voice went back and forth. Telling her to come back, Jennifer said that Serina has a beautiful voice and if it had been earlier, she would have pushed her button. Blake said that he enjoyed the performance.

After some clips of artists who failed to turn any chairs, Country music singer Megan Rose got Adam and Miley to turn their chairs together. Going up on stage, Miely kept saying pick me. Adam invited Megan to sit in his chair. Miley noted that she was on the verge of making herstory by having the only all female team on the show. Adam tried to dissuade Megan from choosing Miley. Jennifer loved the idea of an all female team; calling it powerful. Megan Rose chose Miley to be her coach. Miley’s team is full and history has been made. Jennifer kept saying girl power.

Only Adam has a spot remaining on his team.

Gary Carpentier chose the Michael Buble song “Home” for his audition and it didn’t take Adam long to turn his chair. Miley kept peeking around her chair. Gary was freaking out as he sang.

Next week the battle rounds begin and the coaches have picked some of the biggest name in music to give them a hand in mentoring the teams.

Blake chose Rascal Flatts
Jennifer chose Kelly Rowland
Miley chose her dad Billy Ray Cyrus
Adam chose Jonas Brother and DNCE member Joe Jonas

And the steal returns.

Jennifer Hudson:
Chris Weaver
Shi’ann Jones
Lucas Holiday
Davon Fleming
Kathrina Feigh
Alexandra Joyce
Eric Lyn
Stephan Marcellus
Ignatious Carmouche
Megan McNeal
Jeremiah Miller


Blake Shelton:
Mitchell Lee
Esera Tuaolo
Kiesha Renee
Red Marlow
Adam Cunningham
Noah Mac
Anna Catherine DeHart
Dennis Drummond
Rebecca Brunner
Natalie Stovall
Ryan Scripps
Kristi Hoopes


Miley Cyrus:
Janice Freeman
Brooke Simpson
Ashlan Craft
Shiloh Gold
Addison Agen
Mariah Formica
Sophia Bollman
Karli Webster
Chloe Kohanski
Illiana Viramontes
Katrina Rose
Megan Rose


Adam Levine:
Dave Crosby
Brandon Showell
Dylan Gerard
Hannah Mrozak
Adam Pearce
Anthony Alexander
Emily Luther
Brandon Brown
Whitney Fenimore
John Mero
Michael Kight
Gay Carpentier

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