Blind Auditions Continue on ‘The Voice’

It’s the final week of the blind auditions on “The Voice” So far all of the coaches have at least seven artists on their teams – Jennifer leads the way with nine – as they work their way toward a full team of 12 singers.

The Voice

First on the stage is Chloe Kohanski who had to wait a bit before Blake and Miley pushed their buttons together, followed by Jennifer. Blake said that he loved her lower register; adding that he really loved it when she opened up and he thinks that she can be in the finale. Jennifer said that her vibe was so cool and saw sass in her; adding she loves people who know who they are. Miley said that she feels she knows who Chloe is; adding that they have a similar range. Saying that she is obsessed, Chloe chose Miley to be her coach.

Thirteen year old Olivia Kay came with a photo of herself and Blake taken when she sang the National Anthem for the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame ceremony the year Blake was inducted. Olivia failed to turn any chairs but received encouragement from the coaches who noted that she has a mature voice but needs to learn how to control it…and then there would be no stopping her.

Dennis Drummond has heard it all…at six foot eight he does not play basketball but does play the guitar for “The Voice” runner up Adam Wakefield. Adam pushed his button quickly and later Blake. After noting how tall Dennis is, Blake loved that Dennis is a Nashville guy, plays guitar, and has a good rock voice. Miley noted that Dennis needs to work a little on his stability but is otherwise amazing. Jennifer said that she would have loved to hear more of the texture in Dennis’ speaking voice in his singing. Adam noted that Dennis sang the song his way and felt a connection right away. Dennis chose Blake to be his coach.

As the season 12 SnapChat winner Ignatious Carmouche earned the right to audition for the show. Singing since he was four years old, he got Jennifer and Blake to turn their chairs. Adam recognized Ignatious and told the story. He also recommended Jennifer for a coach. Jennifer said that his voice sounded like a sax with words – Ignatious plays the saxophone; adding that she is extremely passionate about him. Blake said that Ignatious’ full voice was incredible and his falsetto was like a record. Saying that he is a fan of all of them, Ignatious chose Jennifer to be his coach.

Session and backup singer Rebecca Brunner has been singing since she was five years old but had to wait until the last second before Blake pushed his button. Blake noted that what Rebecca did was hard with the timing, pitch, and power in her voice.

Nineteen year old violin teacher Brandon Brown noted in his video package that he would like to work with Jennifer. He chose “Georgia on My Mind” for his audition and got Adam to push his button early on. Blake and Jennifer joined Adam near the end of the song. Jennifer was surprised to hear that Brandon was only 19; adding that she heard Donny Hathaway in his voice. Miley noted that the reason she did not turn her chair was that she didn’t feel she had anything to offer Brandon. Adam noted that there was something old school about the way Brandon sang; adding that he heard Brandon, not Ray Charles. Brandon chose Adam to be he coach. Host Carson Daly said that Brandon sings like a James Bond Tuxedo.

School of Rock teacher and Blues rock artist Nathan Graham did not turn any chairs. Blake admitted that he missed the moment and Miley noted he made the song his own; adding that there is a modern but Bohemian sound to his voice.

Whitney Fenimore grew up singing in the church and playing in Christian bands but wanted to branch out more. She got Adam and Miley to turn their chairs. Miley noted that she is the first coach in “The Voice” history to have an all female team and wants to keep it going. Adam noted that it was Christina Grimmie’s idea to perform the song that way; adding that it felt like she was saying hello. Saying that it was a hard decision because she respected them both, Whitney chose Miley to be her coach.

Illiana Viramontes moved around a lot as a child because her Dad is an FBI agent, so she turned to music. She got Blake and Miley to turn their chairs together. Blake said that he loved her voice; adding that he knew she was smiling by the way she navigated through the song. While she enjoyed the performance, Jennifer said that it was not in her lane. Adam said that he was excited to see what Miley would do wither Illiana. Miley said that she wanted to give Illiana a twist. Illiana chose Miley to be her coach.

In a series of clips, Miley added Katrina Rose to her team and Blake added Natalie Stovall and Ryan Scripps to his team.

When Megan McNeal auditions, only Jennifer turned he chair around. Miley said that Megan’s voice was amazing. Saying that she made the song her own, Blake said that Megan needed to be on Jennifer’s team. Jennifer noted that she is a firm believer in people being themselves.

In the final audition of the night, multi instrumentalist and corporate band singer John Mero got Adam, Blake, and Jennifer to push their button together with Miley joining them for the only four chair turn of the night and brought the coaches to their feet. Jennifer said that John wasn’t coming to “The Voice”, they were coming to his show; adding that she didn’t want it to end. Saying that John has a tremendous voice, Adam said that John reminded him of Prince. Blake thought that John was a trained dancer – he isn’t; adding that John is an incredible singer. Saying that she is a super dedicated coach, Miley said that she was the last to turn her chair because she wanted to listen and was inspired. John bought his mother out on the stage; saying she was the reason he was on that stage. John chose Adam to be his coach.

On Tuesday night the coaches will complete their teams.

Jennifer Hudson:
Chris Weaver
Shi’ann Jones
Lucas Holiday
Davon Fleming
Kathrina Feigh
Alexandra Joyce
Eric Lyn
Stephan Marcellus
Ignatious Carmouche
Megan McNeal

Blake Shelton:
Mitchell Lee
Esera Tuaolo
Kiesha Renee
Red Marlow
Adam Cunningham
Noah Mac
Anna Catherine DeHart
Dennis Drummond
Rebecca Brunner
Natalie Stovall
Ryan Scripps

Miley Cyrus:
Janice Freeman
Brooke Simpson
Ashlan Craft
Shiloh Gold
Addison Agen
Mariah Formica
Sophia Bollman
Karli Webster
Chloe Kohanski
Illiana Viramontes
Katrina Rose

Adam Levine:
Dave Crosby
Brandon Showell
Dylan Gerard
Hannah Mrozak
Adam Pearce
Anthony Alexander
Emily Luther
Brandon Brown
Whitney Fenimore
John Mero

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