Fun. Laughter, and Song with ‘Menopause: The Musical’

Whether you are from the state of confusion or considered a sane and normal person, “Menopause: The Musical” is an uproariously funny look at a time that comes to every woman at some point in her life.


For the October 11 performance of the show the 600 plus seat theater of Shea’s 710 Theater was filled with raucous laughter that at times even drowned out the performers.

The predominantly female audience came in all ages that included some rather large groups of friends who joined together for a hilarious girls night out.


Terri, Beth, Megan, and Dona proved that it does not take an elaborate stage production to put on a successful show. Stage props that were easily moved about, a backdrop of four doors (the ladies rooms), some air guitar and drums, and an occasional saunter into the audience was all that was needed as the four women talked on the phone, bantered back and forth with each other, and fought over pieces of intimate apparel all while dancing and singing their own lyrics to popular pop tunes.

Once seen as a taboo subject whispered only in the most private conversations, the four women of “Menopause: The Musical” bring to the forefront a part of the life cycle that should not be shunned; but rather, celebrated in not with song and dance, at least with the joy and comfort of self.


Terri, Beth, Megan, and Donna perform a 90 minute show with the ease of time and experience in their craft…and who knows maybe a little real life experience as well.

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