Disney Comes to DWTS

After the stars relieved their most memorable year last week on “Dancing with the Stars”, they will enter the world of fun and imagination this week with dances from the World of Walt Disney.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse join the cast of pro dancers and stars for the opening number to “It’s a Small World” choreographed by Mandy Moore.

Co-host Erin Andrews said that it’s her favourite night of the season. This week also marks the halfway point to the season.

In a journey through the years, Victoria and Val kick off Disney week with a Jazz routine as Mickey and Minnie from Mickey’s film debut “Steamboat Willie”. Host Tom Bergeron told the duo that they looked pretty animated themselves. Head judge Len Goodman said that the dance was just like a Disney movie; full of sparkle, fun, and charm. Len called the dance fabulous. Bruno said that the dance was jam packed with fun and game; adding that he liked the blend of styles. Barton called the dance spontaneous and effortless. Carrie Ann said that Val looked adorable in his shorts; adding that they were in perfect sync and brought the film to life. Victoria and Val scored 27 points for their dance.

Vanessa and Maks performed a Viennese Waltz to a French rendition of “Some Day My Prince Will Come” from “Snow White”. Saying that even Grumpy would be Happy with that dance, Bruno called it a beautiful Waltz that captured the feel of the movie. Carrie Ann loved that they danced a traditional Viennese Waltz; adding that the dance had fantastic movement with many stunning movements. Saying that he isn’t Grumpy, Len liked the choreography and the fact that it was a proper Viennese Waltz with beautiful flow that was understated and beautiful. Vanessa and Maks scored 24 points for their dance.

Lindsey and Mark danced a Foxtrot to “When You Wish Upon a Star” from “Pinocchio” with Mickey Mouse on the piano. Carrie Ann said that it was a classic dance that was beautiful with incredible dancing; adding that Lindsey and Mark had one of the finest holds she had ever seen. Len called the dance delightful; adding that every nuance was translated into the movement of the dance. Len said that he loved the dance. Bruno said that he felt like he was bathing in stardust; adding that the dance had that Disney magic. Bruno said that the dance has timeless style and elegance. Getting a 10 from Len, Lindsey and Mark scored 28 points for their dance.

Nick and Peta performed a Quickstep to “Bare Necessities” from “The Jungle Book”. Saying that he enjoyed himself, Len said that the dance was fun and entertaining. Noting that Nick lost a step a couple of times, Bruno loved the sense of fun and and speed of the dance. Carrie Ann noted that she saw Nick having fun; adding that’s what people love and that’s what they want. Nick and Peta scored 22 points for their dance.

Drew and Emma performed a Viennese Waltz to “The Rainbow Connection” from the original “Muppet Movie”. Tom told them that they did a great job. Bruno said that he was expecting Gonzo but got Prince Charming; adding that Drew is getting more polished every week. Saying that “The Rainbow Connection” was her favourite song, Carrie Ann noted that she had high expectations. Saying that Drew and Emma have become one of her favourite couples, Carrie Ann said they had pure chemistry and finished each other’s moves. Len like the footwork a lot; adding it was terrific. Saying that Drew has gotten better every week, Len said that he enjoyed watching Drew dance. Krmit the Frog was also at the judge’s table and noted that the duo floated across the floor like a pair of tadpoles who had just lost their tails; adding thanks to the lovers, the dreamers, and Drew. Drew and Emma scored 25 points for their dance. Kermit gave them a 10 but his paddle didn’t count.

Sasha and Gleb performed a Rumba to the music of “The Little Mermaid”. Noting that Sasha made broader movements, Carrie Ann said that it was nice to see Sasha that way; adding she loves the way Sasha’s body interprets the dances. Len called it a well crafted routine; adding that they had some great chemistry. Calling Sasha the enchantress of the sea, Bruno said that Sasha had lovely placement and great shapes. Sasha and Gleb scored 24 points for their dance.

Terrell and Cheryl performed a Quickstep to music from “The Lion King”. Tom noted that sometimes it was hard to see the footwork for the trees. Len said that for a big guy, Terrell danced with speed and control; adding the dance was crisp with good posture and Terrell moved well. Bruno said that Terrell looked like the leader of the pride; adding it was a proper Quickstep with a good frame and the footwork was done well. Carrie Ann noted that Terrell looked like a different person on the dance floor. Calling the dance outstanding, Carrie Ann said they had connectedness and were completely in sync. Terrell and Cheryl scored 25 points for their dance.

Members of the pro cast danced to music from “High School Musical”.

Frankie and Witney performed an Argentine Tango to music from “The Pirates of the Caribbean”. Tom kept saying wow and the audience cheered loudly. Tom said that it was something. Saying that Frankie had his first blockbuster, Bruno called the dance a Tango with all the trimmings including smoldering intensity and superb choreography. Carrie Ann said that Frankie had the pirate thing going on; adding that the dance had so much intensity and Frankie nailed it. Carrie Ann noted a mistake in the dance, but from Witney, not Frankie. Witney’s heel got caught in her dress. Len called it a proper swashbuckling routine; adding that Frankie was not going to be walking the plank for weeks. Calling it a magnificent effort, Len said that the dance had the mood of the Tango and the flavour of pirates. Erin said that Franie pulled of sexy very well. Witney and Frankie scored 29 points for their dance.kf Jordan’s own songs from “Moana” – “You’re Welcome”. Calling Jordan unstoppable, Carrie Ann said that Jordan’s talent was undeniable and Jordan delivered. Len loved the Foxtrot in hold; adding that it was so good that he could forgive anything. Bruno said that Jordan had another Disney smash hit on his hands; adding that Jordan had perfect technique with added syncopation and didn’t miss a beat. Tom said that this was going to be good. Jordan and Lindsay earned the first perfect score of the season with three 10 paddles.

In the final dance of the night, Nikki and Artem performed a Jazz routine to music from the new upcoming Disney film “Cocoa”. In her video package, Nikki noted that she has Mexican roots and was pleased that they were adding traditional Mexican dance steps into the dance. “Cocoa” will be in theaters on November 22. Len said that Nikki and Artem summed up the whole night; adding that it was joyous and had all the flavour of Mexico. Len called it Niki’s best dance. Saying that it was fiesta time, Bruno called the dance a vibrant celebration of life; adding that Nikki blossomed tonight. Carrie Ann said that they introduced them to something so fantastic; adding that Nikki never seemed more at home. Carrie Ann said that she couldn’t wait to see the movie. Earning their highest score of the season, Nikki and Artem scored 27 points for their dance.

Disney Week scores:
Nick and Peta – 22
Vanessa and Maks – 24
Sasha and Gleb – 24
Drew and Emma – 25
Terrell and Cheryl – 25
Victoria and Val – 27
Nikki and Artem – 27
Lindsey and Mark – 28
Frankie and Witney – 29
Jordan and Lindsay – 30

In this week’s results, Sasha and Gleb and Frankie and Witney were the two couple in jeopardy of going home.

The couple going home this week is Sasha and Gleb.

Next week DWTS goes to the movies.

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