Battles Begin on ‘The Voice’

The battle rounds begin on season 13 of “The Voice”.

The Voice

Again this season, each of the coaches have enlisted some help from their friends in the music world to help mentor the teams as they prepare for the battle round.

Again this year, each coach has two steals for this round and can save two eliminated artists for their own teams.

Blake has the award winning Country music group Rascal Flatts.

Jennifer has Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland.

Adam has former Jonas Brother member and DNCE leader Joe Jonas.

And Miley brought in her Dad, Billy Ray Cyrus.

First up was team Jennifer who paired Lucas Holiday and Meagan McNeal for a battle singing the Bobby Brown hit “My Peragative”. Miley called Meagan a crowd pleaser but said that Lucas is an amazing performer. Asking what was that, Adam called the battle amazing. Blake called the battle as good as it could be. Saying that she was proud of them both, Jennifer noted that they both commanded the room and stayed true to themselves. Saying that they were both amazing, Jennifer chose Lucas as the winner of the battle. There were no steals for Meagan.

Next up was team Miley who paired Moriah Formica and Shilo Gold for a ballte of “American Woman”. Billy Ray Cyrus called the two singers the female Brooks and Dunn. Adam said that both girls did very well, Calling it a great performance, Blake said that both of them brought different elements to the performance; adding that they are both great singers. Jennifer said that Shilo did an amazing job but Moria owned the stage. Miley noted that Shilo has grown the most since the blind auditions; adding that Moriah is like a rock goddess. Miley named Moria as the winner of the battle. There were no steals for Shilo

Blake paired Keisha Renee and Noah Mac for a battle of the Country music classic “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”. Jennifer said that both come to the stage with something extremely special. Miley said that Keisha came out with style and grace; adding that Noah was solid in the low notes and he had an Elvis vibe. Calling it crazy, Adam said that Keisha took him to church but Noah took him to a diner. Calling them both amazing, Adam said that it was impossible to choose. Blake said that both singers gave it everything they had and sang with so much heart. Blake chose Keisha as the winner of the battle. Noah was one step away from being eliminated when Jennifer pushed her button to steal him.

Jennifer paired Chris Weaver and Kathrina Feigh for a battle of the Ariana Grande sing “Dangerous Woman”. Noting that they had a big band behind them, Miley said that the singer’s voices was all that she could hear; adding they set the standard for the battles. Adam said that they did an incredible job. Blake said that both of them were incredible singers and has good control. Saying that she has a huge voice, Jennifer said that Kathrina held her own; but Chris was like a freight train. Saying that she hated this part, Jennifer named Chris as the winner of the battle. Blake stole Kathrina.

Miley paired Brooke Simpson and Sophia Bollman for a battle of the Bob Dylan song “You’re a Big Girl Now”. Adam said that they did an incredible job. Noting that it was going to be tough for Miley, Jennifer said that it was beautiful to watch. Blake said that Brooke held the bar for the battles but Sophia stepped it up. Saying that both girls made a Bob Dylan song their own and she was proud of them, Miley chose Brooke as the winner of the battle. There were no steals for Sophia.

In the final battle of the night, Adam paired up Adam Pearce and Whitney Fenimore for a battle with the Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks duet “Stop Dragging My Heart Around”. Blake noted that Adam has a classic rock voice. Jennifer noted that Adam had that rocky edge that can’t be missed but Whitney has great stage presence. Miley said that she loved watching Adam; adding that Whitney has shown a lot of growth. Saying they killed it, Adam noted it was a really tough decision because he has fallen in love with both of them. Calling them 100 percent equal, Adam said that he couldn’t take his eyes off of them. Adam chose Adam Pearce as the winner of the battle. Miley and Blake pushed their button to steal. Whitney chose Miley to be her new coach.

Jennifer Hudson:
Lucas Holiday
Noah Mac – steal
Chris Weaver


Miley Cyrus:
Moriah Formica
Brooke Simpson
Whitney Fenimore


Blake Shelton:
Keisha Renee
Katherina Feigh – steal


Adam Levine:
Adam Pearce

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