Battles Continue on ‘The Voice’

It’s night two of the Battle Round on “The Voice”. With the help of a steal, Jennifer and Miley already have three of their eight team members selected. Blake has two – including a steal – and Adam has just one of his team members.

The Voice

Jennifer and her mentor Kelly Rowland gets the night of music off with a battle between Maharasyi and Davon Flemming singing the Whitney Houston song “Let Me Be Your Baby Tonight”. Miley loved the entertainment factor of the battle. Adam said that both singers were fantastic and Blake said that both were equally incredible. Saying that they both did well, Jennifer said that they made her job hard. Jennifer named Davon the winner of the battle. There was no steal for Maharasiy.

Adam paired Brandon Showell and Hannah Mrozak for a battle of “Cold water” by Major Lazer. Blake congratulated both singers; saying that they stepped it up. Jennifer said that the battle was perfect pairing and a great duet. Miley congratulated them both on their performance. Calling it a dead even match, Adam said that they both did exactly what they were supposed to do. Adam named Hannah as the winner of the battle. There were no steals for Brandon.

In a series of clips…

Adam paired Dave Crosby and Dylan Gerard for a battle. Adam named Dylan as the winner of the battle.

Blake paired Esera Tuaolo and Rebecca Brunner for a battle; naming Esera as the winner of the battle.

Miley paired Chloe Kohanski and Ilianna Viramontes for a battle; naming Chloe as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night, Blake paired Dennis Drummond and Mitchell Lee for a battle of “Mr. Jones”. Calling both guys captivating, Jennifer said that they sounded so good and wanted to come to their concerts; adding that they are both stars. Miley said that Mitchell was like listening to a record but Dennis was so fun to watch. Adam called them both awesome. Blake said that it was really exciting and heart breaking at the same time; adding that it was the closest battle this season, Blake named Mitchell as the winner of the battle. Adam did not wait to push his button to steal Dennis

Jennifer Hudson:
Lucas Holiday
Noah Mac – steal
Chris Weaver
Davon Flemming


Miley Cyrus:
Moriah Formica
Brooke Simpson
Whitney Fenimore
Chloe Kohanski


Blake Shelton:
Keisha Renee
Katherina Feigh – steal
Esera Tuaolo
Mitchell Lee


Adam Levine:
Adam Pearce
Hannah Mrozak
Dylan Gerard
Dennis Drummond – steal

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