It’s Move Night on DWTS

It’s movie night on “Dancing with the Stars”. Each of the couple will be dancing to the music from a particular film or film genre.


The show begins with a Hollywood dream filled dance by the DWTS Pros and Troupe choreographed by Mandy Moore.

Head judge Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, and Carrie Ann Inaba will get a little help tonight with a special guest judge – Shania Twain.

Nikki and Artem get the night of music and dance started off with an Argentine Tango to the Foreign Film theme. Saying that he doesn’t like foreign films because he doesn’t like reading the sub-titles, Len said that he didn’t need sub-titles to follow this story; adding that Nikki had a tenderness about her dance. Shania called the performance so romantic; adding that she translated the romance beautifully. Bruno said that the dance had chic, poise, and an underlying sense of sensuality about it. Bruno compared the dance to a bottle of French perfume. Carrie Ann noted that Nikki has a new found artistry in her dances; adding that she has improved so much over the season. Nikki and Artem scored 36 points or their dance. Host Tom Bergeron announced that Nikki and Artem are safe for this week.

In the first group results of the night…Tom announced that Drew and Emma are safe. Frankie and Witney are also safe for another week. But the first couple in jeopardy of going home is Nick and Peta; along with Terrell and Cheryl and Victoria and Val.

Up next are Drew and Emma with an action movie hero themed Paso Doble. The karate champ got a little help from the Troupe guys for his dance. Saying that they captured all of the drama, Shania loved the balance of feminie and masculine strength; adding the dance was well executed and had excellent timing. Noting that they went for it, Bruno compared Drew to a demented killer; adding that Drew was a little over excited and lost timing. Saying that the dance was filled with content, Carrie Ann said that Drew had explosive energy and was very convincing and entertaining. Saying that he was glad that Drew was safe this week, Len called the dance awkward looking. Saying that heGetting a nine from Shania, Drew and Emma scored 30 points for their dance.

Nick and Peta performed a Mad Max themed Western Samba to Will Smith’s “Wild Wild West”. Calling it a post apopalyptic Samba, Bruno noted that the Samba was a very difficult dance for the man; adding that Nick was fabulous in the line dance; adding that he loved the concept. Carrie Ann said that Nick was cutting himself short; adding that he nailed it in the breakdown portion of the dance. Saying that Carrie Ann was right, Len said that Nick’s solo work was terrific; adding that he stiffens up in hold. Len told Nick to come out and just dance. Shania said that she could feel Nick’s apprehension; adding that his moves were entertaining and engaging. Nick and Peta scored 26 points for the dance. Co-host Erin Andrews noted that Lindsay Arnold was not happy with the six scores Nick got.

Victoria and Val turned the dance floor into a hockey rink for their sports film Paso Doble to “We Will Rock You”. When she heard the film theme, Victoria was very excited. After the dance, Tom said that Victoria made a nice slap shot – she shot a goal during the dance. Saying that Victoria was right on par, Carrie Ann said the dance was contained and strong; adding that it was tight. Len liked the concept and the way that Victoria danced; adding she did a great job. Shania called it the most innovative hocky game she had ever seen; adding that the dance was very creative and a lot of fun. Saying that his little ice queen scored one for the team, Bruno said htat they had a great concept but the Paso Doble was there. Victoria and Val scored 31 points for their dance. After Shania gave the duo a seven, Erin said that she would have given them a 10.

Terrell and Cheryl have to dance the Jive to the spy movie theme. Terrell called himself the black James Bond breaking into Len’s house to steal the 10 paddle. Tom called the performance so good; adding that was fun. Saying that it wasn’t quite 00 heaven, Len said that Terrell had style and an ease about the way he danced; adding that it was Terrell’s best dance so far. Shania said that the determination was very clear; adding that Terrell was totally in character and the attention to detail was gorgeous. Bruno said that Terrell had a slick persona and was light on his feet, had great timing, and was becoming a better performer. Carrie Ann said that she was going to have to call Terrell Sade because he was a “Smooth Operator”; adding that the dance was hot. Earning his first 10 of the season from Shania, Terrell and Cheryl earned their highest score so far with 37 points.

Guest judge Shania Twain performs “Soldier” from the new film “Thank You for Your Service”.

Frankie and Witney take on aniated films with a Jazz Dance. Tom called the dance too much fun. Shania loved the dance; saying that Frankie was so liberatied and right on. Calling the dance a psychodelic treat, Bruno noted that Witney worked to Frankie’s advantages and it was a great number. Calling the dance really entertaining, Carrie Ann noted that there were some missteps. Saying that “Frankie Goes to Hollywood”, Len said that the dance was full of enthusiasm and so entertaining. Frankie and Witney scored 31 points for their dance.

In the next group results…

Jordan and Lindsay are safe; they are joined by Lindsey and Mark and Vanessa and Maks.

Vanessa and Maks celebrate Hollywood Musicals with a Quickstep. Bruno said that the dance was gleaming with theatrical pizazz; adding that Vanessa killed it. Carrie Ann called it a fantastic performance; adding that Vanessa was fabulous. Len made a note to Vanessa about watching her posture. Shania said that the dance has sauce, humour, and class; adding that she loved ti. Vanessa and Maks scored 36 points for their dance.

Jordan and Lindsay perfored a Rumba celebrating the movie dramas. Carrie Ann said that watching Jordan was like watching taffy – he elongates his stretches and forms one continuous motion; she added that it was a wave of gorgeousness. Len said that the dance was well crafted but there were some arm movements he did not like; saying that his arms should be as expressive as his face. Shania felt like Jordan had Lindsay with him even when she was distant. Bruno called the dance gripping magnetic storytelling; adding that Jordan stretched every movement and it looked effortless. Jordan and Mark scored 39 points for their dance.

Finishing out the night of dance Lindsey and Mark performed a Sci-fi themed Argentine Tango with Mark becoming a mad scientist constructing the perfect partner. Calling the dance amazing, Tom said that the dance was sexy, freaky, and wonderful all at the same time. Len said that the choreography was phenomenal, the dancing was brilliant, and they derserve another 10 from him this week. Saying that the dance was so graphic and intense, Shania noted that she has never seen sharp edges look so graceful. Bruno said that Mark created another work of genius; adding that at times it reminded him of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”. Saying that it was a superb Argentine Tango, Bruno called it the best dance of the season. Carrie Ann said that Lindsey upped her game to phenomenal; adding that Lindsey slayed the dance. Lindsey and Mark earned the highest score of the night when they received the perfect score of 40 points.

In the final results of the night…
Victoria and Val are safe; but the third time was not the charm for Nick and Peta who were eliminated from the competiton. After scoring 37 points, Terrell and Cheryl are safe for another week.

Movie Night scores:
Nick and Peta – 26
Drew and Emma – 30
Victoria and Val – 31
Frankie and Witney – 31
Nikki and Artem – 36
Vanessa and Maks – 36
Terrell and Cheryl – 37
Jordan and Lindsay – 39
Lindsey and Mark – 40

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