Battle Rounds Conclude on ‘The Voice’

It’s the final night of the battle rounds on “The Voice”. Adam’s team is filled and Blake is the only coach with a steal remaining.

The Voice

Blake gets the final night of battles going with a battle between Adam Cunningham and Natalie Stovall performing “Boondocks”. Jennifer noted that they each held their own. Miley noted that it was fun to be sitting in Los Angeles and sing about the “Boondocks”; adding that they both did a great job. Adam agreed that they did a great job; adding that both singers were fantastic. Blake said that both wer pros and great singers; adding that they wer also great people. Blake kept saying that he didn’t know what to do and his fellow coaches tried to help by suggesting they go to a commercial – which they did. Saying that nobody won or lost the battle, Blake named Adam as the winner of the battle.

Jennifer paired last season’s Instagram winner Ignatious Carmouche and Eric Lyn for a battle of “Unaware” by Allen Stone. Miley called it an awesome performance; adding that the guys were synchronized in their tone and their movements. Milye noted that the girls were screaming during the performance. Saying that he has a vested interest in Ignatious, Adam called Ignatious a work in progress who knows no bounds. Blake felt that Eric had the most control. Saying that the guys were vocally equal, Jennifer wanted to go home becaue she didn’t want to have to choose just one of the singers. Saying that she was going with the guy who appeared the most confident, Jennifer chose Eric as the winner of the battle.

Jennifer’s team in now full.

In the fnal battle, Miley paired Ashland Craft and Megan Rose for a battle of the Waylon Jennings’ song “Good Hearted Woman”. Adam said that both girls did a tremendous job. Blake was blown away and Jennifer called it an excellent performance. Saying that it was an intense decision for her, Miley called it an amazing battle. Saying that both singers made an impact on her, Miley choe Ashland as the winner of the battle to complete her team.

Blake stole Megan Rose to complete his team.

Next week the Knockout rounds begin. The singers will all be mentored by Grammy winning singer and a coach for next season Kelly Clarkson.

Jennifer Hudson:
Lucas Holiday
Noah Mac – steal
Chris Weaver
Davon Flemming
Jeremiah Miller
Shi’ann Jones
Katrina Rose – steal
Eric Lyn


Miley Cyrus:
Moriah Formica
Brooke Simpson
Whitney Fenimore – steal
Chloe Kohanski
Karli Webster
Janice Freeman
Ashland Craft


Blake Shelton:
Keisha Renee
Katherina Feigh – steal
Esera Tuaolo
Mitchell Lee
Red Marlow
Anna Chatherine DeHart
Adam Cunningham
Megan Rose


Adam Levine:
Adam Pearce
Hannah Mrozak
Dylan Gerard
Dennis Drummond – steal
John Mero
Addison Agen – steal
Emily Luther
Anthony Alexander

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