The Return of Chunky- Highlights Showing at a Salon Near You

It’s back! No it’s not ‘Chucky’- it’s chunky… and it’s a new look for highlights! Forget subtle- the Fall/Winter of 2017 is showcasing the old 90s chunky blonde or whatever colour- highlights! And they’re not the only 90s beauty comeback!

The Return of Chunky- Highlights Showing at a Salon Near You

New retro look for Fall 2017

Glitter, blue eyeshadow, scrunchies, barrettes and even pigtails, big in the 90s are showing up on runways and Instagram on a regular basis.

In September, a photo showing chunky highlights, posted on Instagram by a New Jersey-based hairstylist went viral. Soon other stylists like Nayara Bezerra, has been getting thousands of likes on her chunky highlight dos. However, were the actual 1990s chunky highlights really ever that evenly spaced? These new highlight chunks are more zebra-like than the retro version.

O povo pedi marcadinhas, eu amo fazê-las ❤️❤️ usei a linha @viurecosmeticos #Viure

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And then there’s the new ‘balayage’ hair colouring. This is the softer, more popular- new highlight creation this fall! It’s a much softer, classier look. But still, the retro chunky highlight may turn out to be really big during this Fall/Winter season.

And just to keep you informed, there’s also the hard-to-ignore rainbow twist on highlights using purples, reds, yellows and, well, all the colours of the rainbow. Oh my,
so much to choose from- so little time. What next from the 90s? Are we headed for the top-poofed curly big hair that Elaine made popular on Seinfeld? Stand by!

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