Danny Petroni: Hurricane Sandy, Music, and the Blue Project

When disaster strikes like hurricanes, many people suddenly find themselves out of work. While salaried worker can apply for unemployment benefits, others like self employed artists are left sometimes literally out in the cold.

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When Hurricane Sandy battered the northeastern coast of the United States in 2012, dozens of area musicians found themselves facing canceled gigs and no work. Musician and Asbury Park resident Danny Petroni sought a solution to the problem by forming a band that would employ some of these out of work musicians. And thus the Danny Petroni Blue Project was born.

Five years later the band is still going strong and has just released – on October 27 – their second album “Run Mindy Run”.

A New Jersey native, Danny used actual locations in the Asbury Park area for his songs – Bradley Cove and the homeless community Tent City. In a recent interview, Danny said that many of the songs on the new album were written from the perspective of a fictional person who lives in Tent City.

While he began playing the guitar around the age of 13 – but in high school it was the bass and flute – Danny did not become serious with his music and begin making it his profession until college. He tells the story of one performance at Rutgers University where he was performing in the pub downstairs while The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen was playing upstairs.

A student of music and music history, Danny stresses expressing one’s self no matter what the musical genre, or mix of genres. He refers to his songs as mini movies – pieces that tell a story.

It has been five years since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Jersey shore. The once closed venues have reopened and once again the sounds of music can be heard from their doors. And the Danny Petroni Blue Project continues to perform music in and around the area…and at what he calls the “Hippie Hour” where all the vampires come out at the Bitter End in New York City.

photo courtesy of HyPR Media

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