Halloween Performances on DWTS…and a Shocking End

It’s the eve of All Hallow’s Eve and “Dancing with the Stars” is set to celebrate the season with some bewitchingly spooky dances.


The Troupe dancers get the night started off with a dance to the “Time Warp” from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” choreographed by Mandy Moore.

And the team dances return with team Monster Mash and team Phantom of the Ballroom.

Getting the individual dances started off, Victoria and Val perform rise from the grave for a ghostly Viennese Waltz. Len called the performance delightful with lovely rotation; adding that it was beautiful. Bruno said that their fluidity was ethereal and beautiful to watch; adding that Victoria has been taking their notes on her arms. Carrie Ann noted that this week there was a connection to the story; adding that the dance was a magical experience. Victoria and Val scored 27 points for their dance.

Jordan and Lindsay got a little help from the DWTS Troupe for their Paso Doble. Calling Jordan the leader of the pack – he was a werewolf -, Bruno called it the biggest baddest Paso Doble ever; adding that the choreography was insane. Bruno noted that the dance had all the visual impact of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with all the elements of the Paso Doble. Noting that the show is about celebrities stretching themselves, Carrie Ann liked that Jordan went outside of his comfort zone with the aggressive dance. Admitting that he watches Jordan closer than any other star, Len said that the dance has plenty of tricks and plenty of treats; adding, “you little devil, you dance like an angel.” Co-host Erin Andrews said, “that was magic you little devil.” Jordan and Lindsay earned a perfect score of 30. For this Halloween week, the 10 paddles look like ghosts.

Nikki and Artem performed a spell binding Jive. Carrie Ann appreciated that Nikki tried to extend her feet; but added that this week Nikki didn’t connect as well to the music. Noting that Nikki was strong and sure of herself, Carrie Ann said that Nikki didn’t miss a beat. Len said that while the footword was sharp, the routine lacked a bit of punch; adding that it was no horror story but clean, precise, and sharp. Bruno noted that they started out very well but there were a few mishaps along the way. Nikki said that Artem makes dancing fun. Nikki and Artem scored 24 points for their dance.

Vanessa and Maks performed a Paso Doble that left Len feeling lacked a bit in Paso Doble moves. The Grim Reaper walked through the Ballroom. Calling it a fright fest, Bruno noted that they Vanessa lost control and shaping at times. While Carrie Ann thought that Vanessa was powerful and moved beautifully; she added that Vanessa needed more balance and to be stronger on her feet. Vanessa and Maks scored 24 points for their dance.

Terrell and Cheryl performed a Tango to “Super Freak” by Rick James that host Tom Bergeron called a little fire starter Tango. Bruno called the dance super slick with a deadly bit but always charming; adding that it was a proper Tango and Terrell did it correctly. Saying well done, Carrie Ann felt that Terrell was better in a dance with a lot of movement. Len said that Terrell captured the feel of the dance; adding that Cheryl is doing a wonderful job especially with the height difference between her and Terrell. Terrell and Cheryl scored 25 points for their dance.

DWTS resident prankster Sasha Farber scares the stars and his fellow pro dancers.

In a dance that almost wasn’t, Lindsey and Mark perform a Paso Doble to one of Lindsey’s own songs – “Roundtable Rival”. During dress rehearsals last week Lindsey dislocated a rib, but this week the injury has gotten worse and on Sunday night she had to go to the hospital. Mark noted that she kept trying to dance through the pain and he would have to sit her down for a break. Even during her performance she was in a lot of pain. Lindsey said that the Paso Doble was a beast. Tom said that he was amazed at Lindsey’s performance. Carrie Ann said that Lindsey was the beast; adding that it was a really difficult routine and she could see the pain on Lindsey’s face but not in her dance movements. Carrie Ann noted that it was the fastest Paso Doble she had seen and was impressed. Saying that he is a fan of Lindsey’s, Len said that Lindsey came out with attack and aggression; adding that it was a terrific Paso Doble. Calling the dance so ambitious, Bruno noted that the routine included elements of the Paso Doble and Irish dancing with the Day of the Dead; adding that the speed of the dance was almost impossible to do even if you were not hurt. Mark said that Lindsey came out and crushed the dance. Lindsey and Mark scored 27 points for their dance. Tom asked Lindsey if she was going to be able to perform in the team dance and Lindsey said that she was not going to let her team down.

Last week Frankie had a few missteps in his dance, but this week he helped Witney with the choreography for their Contemporary dance. Calling the dance totally unexpected and great, Tom said that Frankie does creepy well. Saying that he is not a horror film fan because he gets scared, Len called the dance fantastic. Saying that the performance was truly inspired and that Frankie was back on top, Bruno said that the storytelling was spine tingingly good and will stay in his mind for a long time. Carrie Ann said that not only was it an incredible routine; but that Frankie and Witney elevated dance; adding that she was mesmerized and riveted. Eric called the dance amazing and frightening. Frankie and Witney earned a perfect score of 30 for their dance.

Finishing out the individual dances, Drew and Emma performed a Charleston. This week Drew and Emma were on the road with Drew filming some new episodes for his show “Property Brothers”. Tom noted that this was the week for dancers to get back on the dance floor with thrills. Saying that it was murder on the dance floor at its most delicious, Bruno said that the dance had a lot of content and Drew kept up with it even the tempo changes. Saying that he could leave last week behind, Carrie Ann called the dance uplifting and so in sync with every line matching. Saying that the dance had great energy, Carrie Ann called it one of Drew’s best dances so far. Saying that last week Drew was dead and buried, Len said that this week Drew came back to life; adding that it was joyous and he loved it. During the dance Drew slipped on the liquid left by the fog and Carrie Ann thought that it was a part of the dance. Drew and Emma scored 27 points for their dance.

Halloween Dance scores:
Nikki and Artem – 24
Vanessa and Maks – 24
Terrell and Cheryl – 25
Victoria and Val – 27
Lindsey and Mark – 27
Drew and Emma – 27
Jordan and Lindsay – 30
Frankie and Witney – 30

Next week DWTS will reach the semi finals of another season. The trio dances return but this time the third partner will be a former DWTS star including original champion Kelly Monaco, season 19 champion Alfonso Rubiero, and season 17 runner up Corbin Bleu.

As a part of the team dances, the stars must perform at least 20 seconds of solo dancing.

Before team Monster Mash took to the dance floor, Tom revealed the first results of the night.

Jordan and Lindsay and Lindsey and Mark are safe but Terrell and Cheryl and Nikki and Artem are in jeopardy and will have to wait to learn their fate for this week.

In the video package Terrell considered himself the weakest link in the team but after her injury, Lindsey Stirling considered herself the weakest link. Len felt that the routine was a bit messy with too much wheeling and dealing but he did like the individual dances. Bruno called it a nightmare at the Garden Center; adding that the group lost sync on the Jive kicks as a group. Carrie Ann felt that the group under danced and pulled back a bit, failing to engage her. Carrie Ann said that they didn’t quite all come together. Team Monster Mash earned 24 points for their dance. Those scores will be added to their individual scores for a total score.

In team Phantom of the Ballroom’s results Victoria and Val and Frankie and Witney are safe but Vanessa and Maks and Drew and Emma are in jeopardy and will have to wait to learn their fate for this week.

Bruno said the routine was a splendid theatrical extravaganza; adding that they made genius choices and brought out the best in each of them. Carrie Ann said that by far it was the best and most exquisite dance. Len called it the most polished dance he has ever seen. After the praise, the team earned a perfect score of 30 points for their dance and will have those scores added to their individual dances.

Total scores:
Nikki and Artem – 24 + 24 = 48
Terrell and Cheryl – 25 + 24 = 49
Lindsey and Mark – 27 + 24 = 51
Vanessa and Maks – 24 + 30 = 54
Jordan and Lindsay – 30 + 24 = 54
Victoria and Val – 27 + 30 = 57
Drew and Emma – 27 + 30 = 57
Frankie and Witney – 30 +30 = 60

As Tom and Erin are about to reveal the final results the Grim Reaper brings them notes…

In the final results, Drew and Emma and Terrell and Cheryl are safe but Nikki and Artem and Vanessa and Maks are still in jeopardy.

In a DWTS shocker, it’s another double elimination week with both Nikki and Artem and Vanessa and Maks going home. Last week saw Nick and Peta eliminated. The DWTS wife swap has ended.

Next week is the trio dances…and the semi finals!

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