Knockout Rounds Begin on ‘The Voice’

The battle rounds are over and it’s time for the Knockout rounds on “The Voice”. A new judge for next season, Kelly Clarkson comes to “The Voice” to mentor the remaining artists.

The Voice

For the Knockout Rounds the artists choose their own songs and will have to watch their knockout competition during rehearsals.

For this round the coaches get only one steal.

In the Knockout Rounds the two singers both perform before the coaches make their comments.

Blake’s team got the knockout round started with a battle between Adam Cunningham singing “Either Way” and Esera Tuaolo singing “Superstar”. Jennifer said that Esera’s notes soared and captured the moment; while  Adam captivated her with a performance that felt like it was his own song. Miley noted that there was a simplicity with just Adam and his guitar but Esera gave a huge performance. Adam Levine noted that Adam Cunningham gave a solid performance that his fans will love but Esera has a quality that everyone will tune into. Saying that he didn’t see it coming, Blake said that it was two incredible people who deserved to move on to the next round. Blake named Esera as the winner of the battle. When host Carson Daly said that Adam was available to steal, Adam Levine said that it sounded like a good idea and pushed his button to steal Adam Cunningham for his only steal of the round.

Jennifer chose to pair Lucas Holiday singing “Tell it Like it Is” and Shi’ann Jones singing Whose Loving You” for a battle. Noting that the unexpected keeps happening, Miley said that there were so many tones to Lucas’ voice; but noted that Shi’ann is only 15. Saying that he loves freaks, Adam said that Lucas was a freak; adding that you don’t expect a dude to do what Lucas does with his voice. Adam noted that Shi’ann is a powerhouse talent. Blake was surprised by Lucas but noted that Shi’ann’s performance was a bit busy but controlled. Jennifer said that Lucas performed a song that was needed at this moment but Shi’ann picked the perfect song. Jennifer said that both singers were outstanding. Jennifer chose Shi’ann as the winner of the battle.

Adam paired his two steals Addison Agen and Dennis Drummond for a battle. Addison sang “Beneath Your Beautiful” and Dennis chose to take on Jimi Hendrix with “All Along the Watchtower”. Saying that Addison is one of his favourite vocalists, Blake noted that Dennis is a great singer and an incredible guitar player. Jennifer noted that Addison is one of those singers that comes with her voice (style) already but as a guitar player , Dennis has an amazing presence. Miley said that Addison is one of those people who can never stop singing; while Dennis is an incredible guitar player and the complete package. Adam noted that Dennis is a very talented musician but Addison is a comfort when she sings. Adam chose Addison as the winner of the battle.

Miley chose to pair Janice Freeman singing “I’m Going Down” and Karli Webster singing “Blue Bayou” for a battle. Saying that he couldn’t believe the pairing, Adam noted that Janice tells a story when she sings but Karli is so engaged when she sings. Noting that both singers are in their own lane and at the top of their game, Blake said that Janice was flashy when she sang. Saying that she enjoyed watching both of them, Jennifer wanted to throw her shoe at Janice and noted that Karli held her own. Saying that she could not be more proud, Miley said that the two girls were why the coaches loved to do the show. Saying that both were equally talented and both were perfect, Miley named Janice as the winner of the battle.

Jennifer paired Davon Fleming with “I Can Only Imagine” and Eric Lyn with “What’s Going On” for a battle. Miley said that Davon did what he needed to do and Eric showed that he can handle the pressure. Adam called Davon an incredible performer but noted that Eric has a unique thing like he should be performing in a bar in outer space. Saying that he separated himself from everybody else, Blake called Eric such a stylist. But Davon made him feel like he was at church and he needed to hide his drink; adding that Davon transformed the room. Saying that she takes her hat off to both singers who are both extremely gifted, Jennifer said that she thinks both singers should stay. Jennifer named Davon as the winner of the battle and told Eric to keep in touch.

In the final battle of the night, Miley paired Ashland Craft singing “Wanted Dead or Alive” and Chloe Kohanski singing “Landslide” for a battle. Calling it a tough round, Jennifer thought that while a star, Ashland’s nerves got the best of her but Chloe made it her moment. Adam said that Ashland has a powerful vocal and gave a great performance but Chloe broke out in the moment and showed them all something that they didn’t know was there. Blake said that Ashland has a pitch perfect awesome tone but he felt more connected to Chloe’s performance and the song. Miley noted that she and Chloe are very much alike and did an amazing job but Miley chose Ashland as the winner of the battle. Jennifer and Blake both pushed their buttons to steal Chloe. Saying that she was going with her heart, Chloe chose Blake to be her new coach.

Blake Shelton:
Esera Tuaolo
Chloe Kohanski – steal

Adam Levine:
Adam Cunningham – steal
Addison Agen

Jennifer Hudson:
Shi’ann Jones
Davon Fleming

Miley Cyrus:
Janice Freeman
Ashland Craft

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