NYC Votes Down Dancing Ban

Many people go to clubs to dance and have a good time, but since 1926 there has been a law in New York City that forbade many entertainment establishments from allowing patrons to take to the dance floor. Only establishments that held a cabaret license were able to legally permit dancing.

Disco Party 3

The New York City Councilman Rafael Espinal introduced a bill that will cancel out the no dancing law.

Speaking on his proposal Espinal said, “if you’re Latino, if you’re black, if you’re from the LGBTQ community, you all have been impacted by this law. It is time we right this historical wrong and remove New York’s inappropriate and arbitrarily enforced dancing licensing.”

Espinal’s fellow council members voted 41 to one to repeal the law and it is now awaiting the approval of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. If the Mayor signs the bill, it will go into effect 30 days after his signature and New York City nightclub patrons can legally dance the night away. Mayor de Blasio has said that he supports the law.

Many of New York City’s bar owners are praising the law; stating that after 91 years, it is well past time for the ban to be abolished.

There are some 25,000 establishments in the New York City area that are currently affected by the law with only about 100 of them holding the required cabaret license that allows for dancing.

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