Islands Matter to Cairo Knife Fight

A look down the song charts will reveal a variety of sometimes strange and always interesting band names. Among those is the duo Cairo Knife Fight.


Taken from a conversation overheard in an Egyptian bar, neither band member hails from the region or even the African continent.

Drummer and lead singer Nick Gaffaney was born and raised on the island nation of New Zealand. While a California native, guitar player and songwriter George Pajon’s parents originated from the Caribbean island nation of Cuba.

Equally as interesting as the name of the band is the manner in which the duo met…George rented a room to Nick, and as they say, the rest is history.

On October 20 the guys released their latest album “Seven” – an album that was recorded in only eight days. In a recent interview with the band, George noted that most of the album was recorded live George noted that quite frequently an effect or feel can be recorded live in one take much more effectively then by several months of studio work.

While only a duo the guys bring the sound of a full band thanks to all the loops and gadgets they have on hand. Normally it is the drummer who has the most equipment to haul around when it comes to gigging, but in this case Nick’s four drums and two cymbals takes up far less space than the gear that George says he must carry around.

Cairo Knife Fight live at Paladino’s in LA

And early next year the rockers will do just that when they will make a tour along the west coast of the U.S. To support their new album.

Even after playing the CMJ and SXSW Festivals and opening for Gomez, Shihad, and Them Crooked Vultures the sum of Cairo Knife Fight is not quite as well known as its parts. For many years Nick has performed with Jazz groups and has been a part of band that have opened for Karnival, the Foo Fighters, and Queens of the Stone Age.

George has also amassed an impressive performance list having worked with Ricky Martin, Santana, Sting, Mas, John Legend, Macy Gray, Damian Marley, and the Black Eyed Peas. In fact, George still works with Fergie playing for her anytime she needs a guitar player. It was George’s silhouette Fergie fans saw playing in the background on Fergie’s recent appearance on “The Talk”.

Wanting the freedom to do what he wants, George says that he dislikes using tracks, he prefers using loops. George says that a person is limited only by their own creativity.

And Cairo Knife Fight is abound with creativity.

photos courtesy of HY PR Media

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