The Beatles’ Holiday Messages Get Boxed

While many artists are preparing and releasing holiday themed single albums, The Beatles are making all of their previous Christmas messages available in a limited special boxed package.

The_FabsBy United Press International (UPI Telephoto) Public Domain,

Betwen 1963 and 1969 each Christmas season The Beatles would present a flexi disc holiday message to their fan club members. Now for the first time, those discs have been remastered and printed on to coloured seven inch vinyl discs and will be available to the public.

The boxed package will be released on December 15 and is currently available for pre-order for $72.98 at The Beatles Store –

The package features all seven messages in coloured vinyl, the original flexi disc sleeve artwork, and a 16 page book with recording notes and reproductions of the fan newsletters.

Discs one through five were originally one sided with numbers six and seven two sided discs.

The singles in the package include:
“The Beatles Christmas Record”
“Another Beatles Christmas Record”
“The Beatles Third Christmas Record”
“Pantomine – Everywhere it’s Christmas: The Beatles’ Fourth Christmas Record”
“Christmas Tie (is Here Again): The Beatles’ Fifth Christmas Record”
“The Beatles’ Sixth Christmas Record”
“The Beatles’ Seventh Christmas Record”



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