Trio Dances Return for Quarter Finals on DWTS

Dancing with the Stars” has reached another quarter finals with six remaining couples – Victoria and Val, Lindsey and Mark, Drew and Emma, Terrell and Cheryl, Frankie and Witney, and Jordan and Lindsay.


The couple will perform two dances as the trio dance returns with a twist. Instead of performing with a Troupe member or an eliminated pro, the couples will be performing with a former DWTS star.

After an opening number that featured stars, pros, troupe members, and returning stars, Terrell and Cherylet the night of competition started off with a Charleston. Terrell didn’t even know that there was a dance called the Charleston. Saying that’s the way to start a show, Len said that it was like a trip back to the 20’s; adding that of all the celebrities, Terrell has improved the most since week one. Calling him the king of the Cotton Club, Bruno said that they captured the sense of style and place and it was priceless. Bruno said that Terrell’s star is still rising. Carrie Ann loves it when Terrell is more athletic. She noted that Terrell was light on his feet and he was peaking at the right moent. Host Tom Bergeron said that it was hard to believe that Terrell didn’t know about the Charleston. Terrell and Cheryl scored 27 points for their dance.

Drew and Emma performed a special Waltz for his fiancee Linda. Drew went to her in the audience after the dance. Bruno compared the dance to an intense romantic dialog set to music; adding that while the intentions were clear, Drew was a bit stiff in hold. Saying that she loved the expression, Carrie Ann said that the intention was clear in the top but Drew’s bottom wasn’t keeping the tempo. Len said that the dance had a charm about it and a lot of emotion, but Drew’s frame wasn’t contestant. Drew and Emma scored 22 points for their dance.

Victoria and Val dance an Argentine Tango but she had a spasm during rehearsals that left her ability to dance in question. Noting that they have reached the semi finals and everything matters, Carrie Ann noted that Victoria tried very hard with the dance but kept dropping her eyes; adding that the body movements were fantastic. Len noted that the dance had good lifts but he wasn’t really transported to Argentina. Bruno said that the dance had great lifts and shapes and good lines but Victoria didn’t maintain the character of the dance. Victoria and Val scored 24 points for their dance.

Lindsey and Mark take to the dance floor for an avant garde circus themed Samba. Tom called it the Simba Samba; adding that Lindsey looked like she is better now after a painful rib injury last week. Len noted that Lindsey didn’t look as sure on her feet has she has in past weeks, but the dance was full of rhythm and great imagination. Saying that it was a Samba presented by Barnum and Bailey, Bruno noted that it was not the standard Samba but he liked it. Agreeing with Len that Lindsey wasn’t as sure on her feet, Carrie Ann loved the creativity of the dance; and saying that it was a brilliant and fantastic Samba. Lindsey and Mark scored 26 points for their dance.

Frankie and Witney performed a Viennese Waltz to Ed Sheeran. Tom noted that Frankie didn’t dance like somebody with self doubt; adding that it was so good. Bruno called the dance a starlit dream sequence with wonder flow of movement; adding that it was a polished performance. Carrie Ann called the dance the closest thing to perfection but she thought that Frankie almost lost control of Witney. Saying that it was far from perfection, Len noted that the Viennese Waltz is about rise and fall and Frankie never straightened his legs; and there was not enough of the dance in hold for Len. Len said that last week Frankie was scary but this week he was airy and fairy. Co-host Erin Andrews called the dance magical and fantastic. Frankie and Witney scored 26 points for their dance.

In the final dance of the first round, Jordan and Lindsay Quckstep. Of all the remaining pro dancers, Lindsay is the only one who has yet to win a mirrorball trophy. Tom called the dance great stuff. At a loss for words, Carrie Ann said that it was incredible, brilliant, and sassy. Len had no words, he simply stood and clapped his hands. Bruno said that it was a Quickstep like he had never seen before; adding that it was the most demanding technically and absolutely outstanding. Jordan and Lindsay earn their third perfect score of the season with 30 points.

Individual round scores:
Drew and Emma – 22
Victoria and Val – 24
Lindsey and Mark – 26
Frankie and Witney – 26
Terrell and Cheryl – 27
Jordan and Lindsay – 30

Terrell and Cheryl get the Trio round started off when they pair up with the original DWTS champion Kelly Monaco for a Rumba. Kelly agreed that if they got three tens she would go out on a date with Terrell. Tom noted that Kelly has not lost a step. Len said that the first dance fit Terrell’s personality but this dance…not so much; adding that it did all come together and they did a good job. Bruno said that they definitely brought the sexy back; adding that he couldn’t look at the dance steps. Noting that she has never seen so many goofy grins, Carrie Ann noted that the dance was a testament to how far Terrell has come this season. Terrell, Cheryl, and Kelly scored 24 points for their dance. Tom noted that Kelly didn’t say where the 10s had to come from and a group in the sky box held up 10 paddles for three 10s.

Drew and Emma paired up with the reigning DWTS champion Rashad Jennings for a Disco inspired Cha Cha that Tom called swatastic. Bruno called the dance glitzy; adding that he loved the funky Disco feel but it was a hard acto for Drew to keep up with Rashad. Calling Drew the Prince of Soul, Carrie Ann said that Drew as getting down and raised his game. Len liked that everyone contributed to the dance; adding that it felt a little wooden at times. Drew, Emma, and Rashad scored 25 points for their dance.

DWTS Laurie Hernandez joined Victoria and Val for a Jive. Saying that both girls are winners in so many ways, Carrie Ann said that there was a lot of magic but Victoria was a little weak in her acting and behind in her kicks. Noting that it is a tough thing to watch trios, Len said that while there was a lot of Jive content in the dance, it needed to be sharper. Bruno noted that it was a smart move to start slow and build up; adding that the dance did lack some accuracy. Victoria, Val, and Laurie scored 24 points for their dance.

Lindsey and Mark had season six DWTS champion Kristi Yamagoochi for a Jazz dance. Noting that the dance was fun, Tom said that they should tour as a trio. Len simply called the performance terrific. Bruno noted that you cannot go wrong with a Fosse style. Saying that the dance had incredible energy, Carrie Ann said that she would pay money to see that dance. Lindsey, Mark, and Kristi scored 28 points for their dance.

Frankie and Witney joined up with DWTS champ Alfonso Ribeiro for a Jive. Saying they did a great job, Tom noted that nobody lost track of anybody. Bruno said that Witney brought out the best in both of the guys; adding that the dance was balanced with a perfect frame. Saying that it was a very strong performance, Carrie Ann noted that she saw Frankie’s nerves. Len said that the dance was full of energy and content; adding that it was fun. Len chastised Frankie for his self doubt. Alfonso told Len to keep telling Frankie that with their scores. Frankie, Witney, and Alfonso scored 27 points for their dance.

In the final performance of the night, Jordan and Lindsay teamed up with Corbin Bleu for a high energy Salsa that had Tom saying was a great way to finish the night; adding that it was like watching bookends. Tom complimented Lindsay for her choreography. Standing and stammering, Carrie Ann said the dance was amazing with incredible unison work. Saying that it isn’t difficult to please him, Len said that usually two is company and three’s a crowd but in this case three was perfect. Calling the performance phenomenal, Bruno said that it was like two bodies responding with one soul. Saying that the guys represented what it is to be Latin, Bruno predicted that the dance would go down in DWTS history. Not surprising, the trio earned a perfect score of 30 to make it a perfect night for Jordan and Lindsay.

Triple Dance scores:
Terrell, Cheryl, and Kelly – 24
Victoria, Val, and Laurie – 24
Drew, Emma, and Rashad – 25
Frankie, Witney, and Alphonso – 27
Lindsey, Mark, and Kristi – 28
Jordan, Lindsay, and Corbin – 30


Total scores:
Drew and Emma – 22 + 25 = 47
Victoria and Val – 24 + 24 = 48
Terrell and Cheryl – 27 + 24 = 51
Frankie and Witney – 26 + 27 = 53
Lindsey and Mark – 26 + 28 = 54
Jordan and Lindsay – 30 + 30 = 60

In this week’s results…

Jordan and Lindsay, Lindsey and Mark, Victoria and Val and Drew and Emma are all moving on to the semi finals leaving Frankie and Witney and Terrell and Cheryl in jeopardy of being eliminated and going home.

The final couple moving on to the semi finals is Frankie and Witney.

Terrell and Cheryl have been eliminated.

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