Knockout Rounds Conclude on ‘The Voice’

It’s the final night of the Knockout rounds on “The Voice”. After Miley used her steal to fill her team last night, Jennifer Hudson is the only coach who has a steal lest.

The Voice

Jennifer gets the final night of the knockouts started with a pairing of Chris Weaver with “I Put a Spell on You” and Katrina Rose with “Zombie”. Noting that both singers have powerful voices, Miley said that it was the perfect pairing. Adam noted tht both singers did a slow controlled roll and then erupted. Blake said that Katrina is a powerful singer who just erupts and Chris comes to the stage and you know he is going to do something that will get shoes thrown. Jennifer said that Katrina surprises you but Chris is a freight train. Jennifer chose Chris as the winner of the battle.

In his final pairing, Blake paired up Country singers Megan Rose with “Smoke Break” and Red Marlow with “Outskirts of Heaven”. Adam said that you know Red is Country; an unfiltered great Country singer. Adam noted that Megan hit the big notes. Miley said that Red was such a natural that it felt like he had just come off a tour. Jennifer called Red a strong Country singer; adding that Megan hit her money note. Blake said that nerves got the best of Megan but he saw what she was capable of and Red represents an older form of Country music…which is a good thing. Blake named Red as the winner of the battle. Blake’s team is now full. Red said that his is going to the playoffs and is as happy as a little pig in the sunshine.

In the final battle of the knockout round Adam paired Anthony Alexander with “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes and Hannah Mrozak with “Love on the Brain”. Blake said that Hannah did a really good job and was all there but it appeared that nerves got to Anthony. Agreeing with Blake on the nerves, Jennifer added that Anthony was passionate and she loved Hannah’s confidence; adding that Hannah appeared more comfortable. Miley said that Hannah showed who she was but for Anthony it wasn’t nerves but that he didn’t know what to do with himself. Adam said that Anthony has something going on and is still coking; adding that Hannah is amazing. Saying that he had to follow his heart, Adam named Anthony as the winner of the battle. As Hannah was hugging Adam goodbye, Jennifer pushed her button to steal Hannah.

Next week the live playoffs begin with a special three night event.

Blake Shelton:
Esera Tuaolo
Chloe Kohanski – steal
Mitchell Lee
Keisha Renee
Red Marlow

Adam Levine:
Adam Cunningham – steal
Addison Agen
John Mero
Emily Luther

Jennifer Hudson:
Shi’ann Jones
Davon Fleming
Noah Mac
Chris Weaver

Miley Cyrus:
Janice Freeman
Ashland Craft
Brooke Simpson
Moriah Formica
Adam Pearce

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