Knockout Rounds Continue on ‘The Voice’

After taking a short break for a recap of the season so far, “The Voice” returns to continue with the Knockout rounds with mentor Kelly Clarkson.

The Voice

Only Jennifer and Miley have a steal remaining.

Up first are team Miley’s Brooke Simpson with “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman” and Stephan Marcellus with “Impossible” for a battle. Adam loved the vibe in Stephan’s voice; adding it had a cool power. Adam noted that Brooke just keeps on getting better. Saying that it’s going to be a tricky one for Miley, Blake said that Brooke is unbelievable but Stephan has that X factor. Jennifer said that Brooke has a voice that goes beyond and Stephan won the crowd over. Coach Miley said that Brooke’s voice is really coming out and agreed that Stephan wins the crowd over with his voice. Miley chose Brooke as the winner of the battle.

Blake paired Anna Catherine DeHart with “Breathe” and Mitchell Lee with “I’ll Be” for a battle. Jennifer said that Anna Catherine’s sound was so pleasant and Mitch had swagger; adding that vocally they were equal. Miley felt like she was at one of Mitchell’s own shows but she loves female Country singer that keep it alive. Adam noted pitch issues in both singers but noted that Mitchell’s performance made up for any issues. Blake noted that Mitchell works the stage like a pro and Anna Catherine has a voice unlike any other female in Country music today. Saying that it was an impossible decision, Blake chose Mitchell as the winner of the battle.

Jennifer paired Jeremiah Miller with the Justin Bieber song “Sorry” and Noah Mac with “Hold Back the River”. Miley thought that Jeremiah chose a great song but he has a more rocky voice than Bieber and when it came to Noah, it was her favourite performance. Saying that the show was about moments, Adam called Noah a superstar unlike anything they have seen. For Blake Jeremiah’s song choice was an issue but Noah made the best out his performance. Saying that both singer have great potential to be stars, Jennifer called Noah an original beyond his years. Jennifer chose Noah as the winner of the battle

Blake paired Kathrine Feigh with “Girl is on Fire” and Keisha Renee with “I Hope You Dance” for a battle. Jennifer noted that Keisha’s performance was effortless and in control but Kathrine owned it and set the room on fire. Miley said that Kathrine chose the perfect song to represent herself but Keisha made the song her own. Adam called Kathrine a fighter who made the perfect song choice; adding that Keisha was refreshing. Blake said that Kathrine showed him a lot and is an incredible talent; Keisha had so much strength in her performance. Blake called both girls great singers. Blake chose Keisha as the winner of the battle.

In a clip Adam paired Dylan Gerard and John Mero for a battle with John Mero winning the battle.

Miley paired Moriah Formica with the Kelly Clarkson song “Behind These Hazel Eyes” and Whitney Fenimore with “Calling All Angels”. Calling the performances unbelievable, Adam said that both girls destroyed the songs. Blake said that Whitney had a clarity in her voice that was shocking ad Moriah went for the bigger stuff. Jennifer called Moriah a star but Whitney came to sing and she didn’t want the song to end. Saying that she didn’t know what to do, Miley said that Moriah had presence and attitude but Whitney came out strong. Miley named Moriah as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night Adam paired Adam Pearce with “Smoke on the Water” and Emily Luther with “Glitter in the Air” for a battle. Back home, Adam Pearce is in a Led Zeppelin tribute band. Blake said that both did a great job noting that Adam is a rocker guy but Emily gave an incredible performance. Jenifer called Adam a force on stage but Emily had such poise and presence and took her on a journey. Miley said that she felt Adams nerves but Emily sang incredibly. Adam said that Adam Pearce embodies rock but Emily is a star. Adam named Emily as the winner of the battle. As Adam was walking away from the stage Miley pressed her button to steal Adam. Miley is the first coach to fill her team for the live shows.

Blake Shelton:
Esera Tuaolo
Chloe Kohanski – steal
Mitchell Lee
Keisha Renee

Adam Levine:
Adam Cunningham – steal
Addison Agen
John Mero
Emily Luther

Jennifer Hudson:
Shi’ann Jones
Davon Fleming
Noah Mac

Miley Cyrus:
Janice Freeman
Ashland Craft
Brooke Simpson
Moriah Formica
Adam Pearce

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