NASCAR Driver Matt Kenseth Taking a Break

Earlier in this NASCAR season Monster Energy Cup Series driver Matt Kenseth learned that Joe Gibbs Racing would not be retaining the driver to drive the number 20 car for the 2018 racing season.

Matt-kenseth-bristol-2009By Rick R. Duncan – Flickr: matt-kenseth, CC BY 2.0,

Joe Gibbs Racing hired 21 year old Erik Jones to drive the number 20 car next season. Jones currently drives the number 77 car for Furniture Row Racing which the team will not be fielding next season.

As the season went on and younger drivers were selected to replace retiring drivers, Kenseth began to believe that his chances of finding a ride for next season was running slim.

On November 4 that he would be taking some time away from racing. While Kenseth has not mentioned the R word – retirement, he does not know exactly how long he will step away from racing.

Speaking on his decision Kenseth said, “I’m just going to take some time off, whatever that means, take a year or two … or three months, four months. You never really know what happens. Something could come up that makes me excited and looks like a fit and I’m not going to rule that out.”

A Monster Energy Cup Series driver, Matt Kenseth has been driving in the Cup series for 18 years, Kenseth intends to spend more of his time with his family. He and his wife are expecting their fifth child next year.

The NASCAR season is a long one – nearly 10 months – and drivers spend a great deal of time on the road away from family.

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