Final Four Revealed on DWTS

“Dancing with the Stars” has reached the semi finals for season 25 and only five couple remain.


The injury bug hit the DWTS Ballroom this week with several stars and pros suffering injuries that brought their ability to continue in the competition in question.

Again this week the couples will be performing two dances, one of which is a re-creation of an iconic dance that earned a perfect score in a past seasons.

In the first round the pro dancers choose the songs for the dances; songs that they felt reflected their stars.

First up and getting the night of dancing started off were Drew and Emma with a Tango to “500 Miles” that would allow Drew to show off his Scottish ancestry…including wearing a kilt. Host Tom Bergeron said that Drew did a great job. Saying well done “Braveheart”, Len noted that Drew came out full of attack and while he enjoyed the dance and thought it was fun, Len said that Drew lost his posture and technique during the dance. Calling it a Tango like no other, Bruno said that it was like a flying Scottsman and the Tartan Army going for the full flesh. Saying that Drew is always entertaining, Carrie Ann said that the dance was a bit steppy and didn’t remind her of a Tango. Drew and Emma scored 24 points for their dance.

Victoria and Val performed a Contemporary dance that reflected Victoria’s health struggles through the eyes of her parents. With Val playing Victoria’s father, he recruited Jenna Johnson to play the role of Victoria’s mother. After the dance Victoria went into the audience to hug her parents. Bruno called the routine touching and poignant; adding that it was a wonderful story and well structured. Noting that it was a simple routine, Carrie Ann said that she saw the eotion and subtleties in the dance. Agreeing that the dance was beautiful and poignant, Len called it Victoria’s life story through dance. Victoria and Val scored 27 points for their dance.

Jordan and Lindsay performed an Argentine Tango to “Brother” to reflect Jordan’s role as a big brother to his younger brother and sister. The siblings came to see Jordan rehearse this week. During the pro dancers rehearsal on Saturday Lindsay stepped wrong and injured her knee. She was afraid that she would not be able to dance with Jordan. And then during dress rehearsals on Monday, Jordan scratched his cornea when he got a nail in his eye. Saying that Jordan has set a higher standard this season and is so much a part of the show’s success, Carrie Ann felt that the performance was not Jordan’s best dance and felt a disconnect. Saying that he is a fan of Jordan’s, Len felt the moves were too big and that there was too much focus on the story and not enough on the dance. Bruno said that it was the most mature dance he had seen from Jordan; adding that it was strong, stylish, and well balanced. Co-host Erin Andrews said that she had goosebumps and thought that it was fantastic. Jordan and Lindsay scored 28 points for their dance.

Lindsey and Mark performed a Contemporary routine to one of Mark’s own songs with his band called “Head High”. Calling Lindsey a very talented dancer, Len said that she blew him away; adding that she had some wonderful extensions. Calling the routine dynamic, Bruno said that Lindsey captured the feeling of how to be free to be one’s self. Noting that Lindsey’s quality of movement has evolved over the season, Carrie Ann said that the routine was stunning. Noting that she has never had any dance lessons, Lindsey said that she has always wanted to be a dancer; adding that this was a dream come true. Lindsey and Mark scored 29 points for their dance.

Frankie and Witney finished out round one with a basketball themed Salsa that included a little help from the Pro guys and had Frankie finally revealing his abs at the end of the dance. Calling it a Salsa with street cred, Bruno loved the originality in the dance. Saying that she was not sure if it was the right song for Frankie, Carrie Ann noted that Frankie gave it his all. Carrie Ann noted that Frankie was a bit ahead of the beat. Saying that Frankie comes out with so much enthusiasm, Len felt that there was too much Hip-Hop and not enough hip action. Frankie an Witney scored 25 points for their dance. Witney hurt her leg in dress rehearsals but refused to not dance with Frankie no matter what.

Dancer’s Choice Scores:
Drew and Emma – 24
Frankie and Witney – 25
Victoria and Val – 27
Jordan and Lindsay – 28
Lindsey and Mark – 29

The pro dancers give a teaser of what’s to come with the tour with a performance of a routine choreographed by Mandy Moore.

For round two Drew and Emma must re-create the Jazz dance performed by Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff in season 17. During the video package Drew and Emma were concerned about one of their lifts. After the dance Tom said that he had never been so nervous in his life. Saying that the dance was fun to watch, Len noted that the routine had great imagination; adding that they were brave to add the swinging lift. Bruno said that they captured the spirit of the dance and it was great fun, but felt that it was more crochet than Rockette. Noting how much of a challenge the round is, Carrie Ann said that they approached the routine with grace; adding that she loved that they went for it. Drew and Emma scored 25 points for their dance.

Victoria and Val re-created the Charleston performed by Amber Riley and Derek Hough in season 17. Tom noted that the pair, “nailed it.” Bruno said that Victoria did some incredible acting tonight and was right on the money and her timing was spot on. Carrie Ann said that she forgot about Amber and Derek while watching the dance; adding that it was all theirs. Saying that the dance was full of energy and razz-a-razzmatazz, Len said that they put a smile on his face. Tom noted that again in rehearsals in the morning, Victoria’s leg went into a spasm. Victoria and Val scored 29 points for their dance.

Jordan and Lindsay took on the Jive performed by Paige Van Zant and Maks to “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner and had everyone saying oh my god. An excited Carrie Ann could hardly speak and kept screaming. Calling the routine crazy, she was glad that they got the routine and “nailed it.” Saying that great dancing always brings him joy, Len called Jordan’s Jive the yardstick for the Jive. Saying that it was a triumph, Bruno noted that it is rare that a remake can top the original…but they just did and it was insane. It was not surprise that Jordan and Lindsay earned a perfect score of 30 for their dance. Lindsay Arnold said that it was the most fun she has had on the show.

Lindsey and Mark performed the Tango created by Meryl Davis and Maks in season 18. Tom noted that Lindsey has come a long way. Len said that the dance was sharp, fast, clear, and a proper Tango. Calling it a wonderful Tango, Bruno said that Lindsey had raised her game; adding that he loved the details in the dance. Carrie Ann called it a fantastic re-creation; adding that the duo had powerful chemistry. Saying that Lindsey and Mark did Meryl and Maks proud, Erin said that she loved the dance. Lindsey and Mark scored 28 points for their dance. Maks came up and said that you cannot compare art with art…and it was art; adding that this dance was just as special and they did a great job.

Finishing out the night of dance, Frankie and Witney performed the Paso Doble originally performed by season four champions Apollo Anton Ono and Julianne Hough. The couple had a number of issues during the week of rehearsals including Frankie’s bad knees. After the dance Tom noted that they got it all – speaking on the duo’s rehearsal concerns. Calling Frankie macho, Bruno said that the dance had great attitude but Frankie needs to open his chest more. Carrie Ann said that the good news was that the crowd went wild and they handled the props ok, but noted that there were a few small issues during the dance. Saying that there was a charm and innocence about Frankie, Len said that there wasn’t enough shaping in the routine. Frankie and Witney scored 26 points for their dance.

Iconic Dance Scores:
Drew and Emma – 24
Frankie and Witney – 26
Lindsey and Mark – 28
Victoria and Val – 29
Jordan and Lindsay – 30

Total Scores:
Drew and Emma – 24 + 24 = 48
Frankie and Witney – 25 + 26 = 51
Victoria and Val – 27 + 29 = 56
Lindsey and Mark – 29 + 28 = 57
Jordan and Lindsay – 28 + 30 = 58

The first couple moving on to the finals is Lindsey and Mark! Joining them are Drew and Emma and Jordan and Lindsay.

With Frankie and Witney and Victoria and Val in the bottom and facing elimination; the couple that went home is Victoria and Val.

Frankie and Witney are the final couple in the finals.

After making the announcement, Tom told Victoria that she was amazing and told her to think about what she has given the thousands of people who have given up hope; adding that that was more important than the finals. Tom brought her parents up on stage for the final goodbye.

Next week, it’s a two night finale with the freestyle dances and the crowning of a new champion.

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