Ricky Medlocke and Blackfoot Rocking the Night Away

New York is far north of the Mason-Dixon line but on November 11 the Bear’s Den Showroom at the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino rocked it out Southern style when Blackfoot took the stage to help celebrate Native American Heritage month.


But before the rockers took the stage Jimmy Wolf and his band opened the show with some Blues and Blues Rock music.

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Noting that they didn’t have much time, Jimmy Wolf let his guitar do the talking as the trio filled there time with music.


After a short break to set the stage, Ricky Medlocke and the rest of Blackfoot took the stage…and the party began.

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The Bear’s Den Showroom is a venue where both fans and artists were considered – good seats all around for the fans and great acoustics for the musicians. And while the Den has a capacity of 450 people, the assembled fans made the room sound as if there were over twice as many fans in attendance as they clapped, sang along, and shouted out song titles.


And while no one dared call out the most requested song at any show – “Freebird” – a fan did call out the title of their favourite song – “Highway Song”. After telling the fan to hold on, they’d get to it, Ricky Medlocke noted that at 68 years of age he doesn’t do anything fast.


Acknowledging that there is indeed a curfew – one he broke the last time they were there – Ricky and the band played until that curfew and raised the roof with their own form of Southern Rock.


But it wasn’t just about the music for Ricky. The Florida native dedicated various songs and the show to those who came before him and inspired him including his grandfather and Gregg Allman whom he had known for many years – even before The Allman Brothers were a hit. Ricky also spoke of his fellow band members saying that he was leaving the music and the future of the band in good hands.

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And on the subject of music, the band is currently working on a new album which they plan to release sometime next year.


After nearly an hour and a half on stage Blackfoot left to screams of encore. Once the band finally made a return to the stage, they played that one song the fan had waited over an hour t hear – “Highway Song”.

IMG_9822 IMG_9890

Formed by a “Southern Native”, Blackfoot knows how to rock the stage no matter where they are playing including up north across the Mason-Dixon line.

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