Coaches Choose Live Performance Teams on ‘The Voice’

The live performances have finally arrived on “The Voice”. Now that the battle and knockout rounds have concluded, the coaches each have five singers on their teams, but must eliminate two of them before they perform for the first time for fan votes. Along with the four knockout winners and one steal, the coaches also have chosen one of their eliminated artists as the come back artist.

The Voice

In the first of a three night event, team Blake and team Jennifer will perform. On Tuesday and Wednesday Miley and Adam’s teams will perform.

For this round the coaches decide what songs the artists will perform.

Davon Flemming from team Jennifer gets the night of music started off with one of Jennifer’s own songs – “I Am Changing” from “Dreamgirls” that had host Carson Daly calling it a playoff calibre performance and Jennifer throwing shoes. Adam called the performance beyond a challenge. Mile said that she was pretty sure Davon was going to the live performances. Saying that Davon is a pretty god singer, Blake said that Davon should be going and getting in his limo right now. Jennifer said that Davon outdid himself.

Hannah Mrozak performed “Learn to Let Go”. Saying that she gave an amazing idea of who she is, Adam said that Hannah is in the right place now. Blake was mesmerized by the performance. Saying that she was glad to see Hannah living the moment, Jennifer said that a star was born on the stage tonight; adding that she was blown away.

Jennifer’s comeback artist is Lucas Holiday who took on the “Beautiful Ones” by Prince. Carson said that Jennifer has a solid team. Miley told Lucas that was what’s up. Adam called it one of his favourite songs. Blake said that he wanted to see the performance over and over again. Saying that was how to come back, Jennifer said Lucas completely committed himself and delivered.

Fifteen year old Shi’Ann Jones performed “Tattooed Heart”. Miley said that her favourite part of Shi’Ann’s voice were the squeaks because they made her unique; adding that Shi’Ann has an awesome range. Blake called Shi’Ann his favourite artist; adding that there is something special about Shi’Ann. Saying that she sees a star, Jennifer called Shi’Ann a natural pure talent.

Chris Weaver performed “California Soul”. Miley called it an A+ job. Adam called Chris someone who should never be let go of. Noting that the performance was full of power, Blake noted that they have not seen the softer side of Chris. Calling Chris an undeniable presence, Jennifer said that she loves everything Chris represents.

Noah Mac performed the Phil Collins hit “In the Air Tonight” and brought the house down. Noah even brought in his own arrangement for the band. Calling him an awesome performer, Miley said that Noah’s low notes were amazing. Adam called Noah a front runner right now. Talking to the audience, Blake noted that he was the one who originally let Noah go. Jennifer said that Noah brought life to the stage; adding that he is a star.

Now that all of her team members have performed, Jennifer must cut it in half and choose only three artist for the live performances and fan votes.

Saying that they have made it extremely hard for her, Jennifer told the singers that it doesn’t end here.

She chose Davon Flemming,Noah Mac, and Shi’Ann Jones.

Now it is time for team Blake to perform…
Red Marlow performed Chiseled in Stone”. Jennifer said that Red was a strong presence; adding that she wanted to come to his show one day. Saying that she wished Red were on her team, Miley said that Red has a great chance of winning the show. Adam said that Red has tapped into the truth and he believes him when he sings; adding that Red is what’s missing these days and he would like to see Red perform in a concert too. Blake was glad that Red performed a classic Country song; adding that Red had the Country runs.

Chloe Kohinsky performed the Cyndi Lauper song “Time After Time”. Jennifer said that Chloe reminded her of different stars but Chloe is her own self. Miley loved it, calling Chloe the punk rock queen. Blake said that Chloe gave them just enough to keep the audience on the edge of their seats; adding that she was really good.

Blake’s comeback artist was Natalie Stowvall who sang “Callin’ Baton Rouge” and played the fiddle. Saying that she enjoyed it, Jennifer wondered how Natalie could do all that. Miley called Natalie such a fun performer to watch; adding Natalie had a nice balance of singing and fiddle. Blake said that Natalie reassured him that he made the right decision for the comeback artist; adding she did a great job.

Former football player Esera Tuaolo performed the Leann Rimes song “How Do I Live”. Carson said that Esera did some nice work. Jennifer said that Esera began the song slightly pitchy but brought it home. Adam noted that there was something so tender about Esera. Saying that Esera has remarkable range, Blake said Esera has an incredible voice but lacks the technique.

Mitchell Lee performed the Bryan Adams song “Heaven” Saying that she is a fan, Jennifer noted that it was not her favourite performance from Mitchell. Miley liked the performance; adding that Mitchell showed what he needed to show. Blake called it a solid performance.

In the final performance of the night, Keisha Renee performed the Country classic “Love Can Build a Bridge”. Jennifer called Keisha the bridge between Gospel and Country; adding she has a beautiful voice. Adam said that he didn’t think Blake was dumb enough to let Keisha go. Blake noted that it was the kind of performance he envisioned in the blinds and he is in the Keisha fan club.

Blake told the artists that they were on the right path; adding that they have made it halfway through the season.

Blake chose Keisha Renee and Red Marlow for his team and then said that he never saw it coming and it was a surprise to him…he chose Chloe as the final member for his team.

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