Final Playoff Round on ‘The Voice’

In the final night of a three night event, Miley Cyrus will choose which three of her six artists will make it to the live shows next week when the competition decisions on “The Voice” switches to the fans.

The Voice

First up was Brooke Simpson with “It’s a Man’s World”. Host Carson Daly said that it was a great performance. Adam noted that only few fierce and energetic people could do that song…and Brooke is one of them. Adam called the performance mind blowing. Blake said that the execution was flawless. Jennifer said that Brooke let everybody know it might be a man’s world, but it is nothing with the girls. Miley said that Brooke did everything she needed to do.

Next up was Miley’s choice for the comeback artist, Carly Webster with the Dolly Parton hit “Coat of Many Colors”. Adam said that it was by far her best performance. Blake noted that there are eras of Country music that pertain to what Carly does. Miley noted that it was about Carly occupying the space in vintage sound, and she is someone who is not in the industry right now.

Miley’s steal Adam Pearce sang “Love Hurts”. Saying that the performance wS awesome, Adam said that he wanted to hear Adam Pearce do so many things. Adam called it an incredible version of an impossible song. Calling it the right song choice, Jennifer said that Adam’s voice commanded the room. Miley said that Adam did an amazing job; adding that she knew that he could do the song.

Ashland Craft sang the song “When I Think About Cheating”. Noting that Miley has a strong team, Adam called the performance strong, beautiful, and incredible. Blake noted that they haven’t heard a voice like that since Gretchen (Wilson). Miley called it a perfect song choice and Ashland did an amazing job.

Moriah Formica performed the Beth Hart song “World Without You”. Carson called her the coolest ever. Adam said that he just wanted to be her best friend. Calling Moriah a star, Jennifer said she has the presence. Blake noted that there aren’t a lot of big voiced rocker women today. Miley said that she would have liked for Moriah to be a bit tougher.

In the final performance of the night, Janice Freeman performed the Lela James song “Fall for You”. Carson said that she killed it. An excited Adam noted that he had never heard someone do an air shift. Jennifer said that she felt everything Janice was singing. Mile said that Janice’s voice was a reflection of who she is; adding she wants more girls to be like Janice.

In an agonizing decision, Miley chose Brooke Simpson, Janice Freeman, and Ashland Craft to be her team for the live shows.

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