A World of Music, Puppets, and Stories for Kim Cameron

Los Angeles native Kim Cameron graduated from college with a Broadcast Journalism degree and has worked in the corporate world. But she has traded all of that in for the world of music.


The list of musicians who have had multiple hit songs from a single album is rather short and the list of artists who have succeeded in having five hit songs from a single album is a very short one that includes legendary musicians like Michael Jackson and Katy Perry who have the backing of a major record label…all except one. Kim Cameron is that exception, she is the only independent music artist to have five hit songs from the same album.

The award winning performer has released eight albums to date, traveled the world sharing her music, and has created a puppet show based on her children’s book, and still finds time to write and record music.

After eight albums, Kim says that the tie is right for a greatest hits album, which is set for release in January.

Kim says that her passion is telling stories through song and admits that fans may be surprised by what they will find on the new album, especially those fans who are not as familiar with her earlier work.

While Kim calls the Miami area home these days, she frequently finds herself on the road performing – a trip to China is in the works for early next year. Kim notes that traveling the world with a band can be difficult and expensive, so instead of traveling with a CD or ipod filled with tracks, she has musicians on standby that she can rely on where ever she goes. Fans who follow Kim can be guaranteed of a fresh show with each performance.

Kim Cameron started her career in the field of Broadcasting, and while she no longer refers to herself in the field…she never really left, only changed gears.

photo courtesy of HYPR Media

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