Freestyles and Final Three Revealed on DWTS

It’s the finals on “Dancing with the Stars” season 25. It’s the week that every celebrity dreams of reaching and every fan looks forward to seeing what will happen in the Freestyle dances.


Drew and Emma, Frankie and Witney, Jordan and Lindsay, and Lindsey and Mark will battle it out for the title of Champion and the Mirrorball trophy.

The pros gets the night of dance started off with a group routine choreographed by Mandy Moore

Julianne Hough returns to the ballroom to join judges Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, and Carrie Ann Inaba at the judges table as a guest judge.

The couples will perform two dances tonight with a Redemption round where they will get a second chance at a dance and the Freestyle round.

First up are Drew and Emma with a redemption Paso Doble and a little advise from Bruno Tonioli. Dressed like a handyman, Bruno tells Drew that he needs to sort out his shaping, artistry, and timing in the dance. Saying that he was so proud of Drew, Bruno said that the makeover worked and Drew looked good. Saying that it was by far his best dance, Carrie Ann said that Drew was so at ease. Len said that Drew had finesse, quality, and control in his dance; adding that it had polish and attack. Len said that Drew did a wonderful job. Noting that she has been watching this season, Julianne said that Drew looked confident and at ease; adding that he is the most improved this season. Drew and Emma scored 36 points for their dance.

Reprising his week one Foxtrot, Frankie and Witney got a little advise…and challenge from Carrie Ann. Dancing to Frank Sinatra, Carrie Ann challenged Frankie to perform a solo in the dance. Host Tom Bergeron called the pair Witney and Mr. Debonaire; adding that Frankie looked good. Calling it a full transformation, Carrie Ann said that Frankie had freedom in his body during the dance. Len said that Frankie was more accomplished and polished in the dance; adding that while it had that Hollywood razzle dazzle, it was still a proper Foxtrot. Len said that Frankie did a great job. Jullianne felt like she was transported back to the golden days of Hollywood; adding that Frankie had a boyish quality about him tonight. Bruno loved the solo opening; adding that Frankie had flair and condolences in the dance. Bruno noted that you can never go wrong channeling Fred and Ginger. Frankie and Witney scored 38 points for their dance.

Taking a short break from the dancing, Latin star Pitbull and Fifth Harmony give the television debut performance of “Por Favor”.

Len visits Jordan and Lindsay to give them a challenge on their redemption of the guilty pleasures week Charleston. Len challenged the duo to put at least three recognizable Charleston moves in their dance. And he performed some Charleston moves with them. Tom noted that they never let up. Len not only saw more moves, he said that he saw so much more; adding that the dance was full on and full of energy. An in shock Julianne said that when she watches Jordan dance, she becomes a fan; adding that they were so in sync. Julianne compared the dance to a couple meeting up on the dance floor in a nightclub. Calling the performance sharper than a Samurai sword, Bruno said that the timing was off the chart; adding they were like two instruments always in tune. Carrie Ann said that it wasn’t about how good Jordan is, but about how he continues to push himself and how he dances on the edge. Jordan said that Lindsay has made him a better artist. Jordan and Lindsay earned a perfect score of 40 for their dance.

During the American Music Awards live television presentation on Sunday night “American Idol” gave three singers who did not earn a golden ticket to Hollywood a second chance with a live audition for fan votes. Idol judge Lionel Richie appeared on DWTS with the three singers to announce the winner of the vote. The singer who won the fan vote and a ticket to Hollywood is Britney Holmes. A new era of “American Idol” will premiere on March 11.

Lindsey and Mark finish out round one with a Quickstep to “Sing Sing Sing”. Lindsay has started her holiday tour and has been traveling. She and Mark got a little long distance help from guest judge Julianne Hough this week. Julianne told Lindsey that she has the power and creativity but just needs the technique. Tom yelled yeah at the end of the performance. Julianne said that Lindsey nailed the posture and was awesome. Julianne noted that it was a long proper Quickstep. Normally the dances are only a minute to a minute and a half in length but this week the dances are longer. Mark noted that their dance was pushing a minute 50 seconds, which is a very long time in hold. Bruno called the dance criminally good and called them the Bonnie and Clyde of Quickstep. Bruno called the performance elegant and well put together. Carrie Ann called Lindsey vastly improved. While he knows Lindsey plays the violin, Len said that there was no fiddling around; adding that the dance was full of flair, had speed but was controlled, and was awesome. Lindsey and Mark earned a perfect score of 40 points for their dance.

Redemption Week Scores:
Drew and Emma – 36
Frankie and Witney – 38
Jordan and Lindsay – 40
Lindsey and Mark – 40

Before the couples show off their Freestyle dances, guest host Julianne Hough returns to the dance floor for a performance of a dance choreographed by Marinda Davis. The dance is Marinda’s story. Julianne dances to the music of Alexander Jean – Mark and his wife BC Jean’s band. Marinda was in the ballroom and called it a dream come true.

Drew and Emma get the Freestyle round and got a little help from the DWTS Troupe and pros, including Maks and Val, that told Drew’s journey through the season. Saying that it was so good, Tom remarked that ut was the first time in 25 seasons he had seen a mid dance fake out. At the beginning of the season Len referred to Drew as a fixer upper. This time he said that the house is fixed and he is a hot property. Noting that he went all out, Julianne said it was what a Freestyle should be. Saying that Drew exceeded all expectations, Bruno called the dance a treat and Drew made it his own. While Carrie Ann thought the dance was awesome and amazing, she also noted that Drew was a bit out of sync on a few moves. Co-host Erin Andrews said that the dance was awesome and told Emma that she did an amazing job. Drew and Emma scored 39 points for their dance.

In planning the dance for her and Frankie, Witney envisioned a powerful performance but was in a quandary after getting a phone call from the executive producer who wanted a more lighthearted and fun routine. Going with her gut, Frankie and Witney performed the originally planned powerful dance and had the crowd shouting “Frankie” at the end of the dance. Tom noted that Frankie has spent the entire season confounding expectations. Frankie said that he never expected to make it to the finals but is sad now that it is ending. Noting that they took a risk, Julianne said that it was a bout more than the competition; adding the dance was awesome. Noting the Frankie is turning into the Prince of Darkness, Bruno said that the routine was very creative and different; adding that the liked it. Carrie Ann was happy that they had made the choice; adding that Frankie has made an emotional journey that has been powerful and passionate. Saying that it was totally unexpected, Len admired that they went for the drama and gave it their all. Erin called the routine fantastic. Frankie and Witney scored 38 points for their dance.

Jordan and Lindsay had a Freestyle packed with lots of tricks and began with a solo from Jordan to “Putting on the Ritz”. In rehearsals Jordan was worried about dropping the props. Tome noted that Jordan didn’t drop anything. Lindsay said that Jordan did a good job. Bruno called it a sensational show-stopping number; adding that Jordan was Sammy Davis Jr, Ben Vereen, and Bob Fosse all rolled into one. Bruno called Jordan a superstar. Carrie Ann called Jordan a star that shine brightly and never ceases to amaze her. Calling it a cracker jack of a number, Len said that the routine was brilliant. Noting that the dance had everything but the kitchen sink in it, Julianne said that Jordan took it to a whole new level. Erin said that the cardio factor in the dance was ridiculous and wondered how Jordan was still standing. Jordan and Lindsay earned a perfect score of 40 points for their dance.

Lindsey and Mark closed out the night of dance with a musically inspired Freestyle that included Lindsey playing her violin. Tom said that Lindsey nailed it as the crowd was screaming. Noting that Lindsey is the last woman standing, Carrie Ann said that the dance couldn’t have been a better showcase of Lindsey. Noting that Lindsey didn’t hold back, Carrie Ann said that it has become a fantastic competition. Julianne called the dance a Tim Burton musical masterpiece; adding that it was amazing. Bruno said that the dance was a modern classic extravaganza that was conducted and orchestrated to perfection. Lindsey and Mark made it a perfect night with their second score of 40 points.

Freestyle Scores:
Frankie and Witney – 38
Drew and Emma – 39
Jordan and Lindsay – 40
Lindsey and Mark – 40

Total Scores:
Drew and Emma – 36 + 39 = 75
Frankie and Witney – 38 + 38 = 76
Jordan and Lindsay – 40 + 40 = 80
Lindsey and Mark – 40 + 40 = 80

In the final results before crowning a winner Jordan and Lindsay, Lindsey and Mark, and Frankie and Witney are all moving on to the grand finale…and one more dance.

Drew and Emma were eliminated from the competition.

During the grand finale, the three remaining couples will perform a 24 hour fusion for judge’s points…and for the first time the fans will be allowed to cast their votes during the show.

Along with the Fusion dance and crowning a new winner, DWTS will feature a night of returning stars, and musical performances from guests and Stars.

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