Ari B: The Heartbeat of Music and Dance

“Music is the conductor of the beating of our hearts,”says 18 year old performer Ari B.


Ari’s heart has been beating to the sound of music since she was very small when she started in Musical Theater at age seven. Currently a student in the Music Theater department of the Boston Conservatory of Music at Berklee, Ari is taking a little time away from her studies to concentrate on her music.

The daughter of a Jazz pianist, Ari sees Pop music as true freedom and while she appreciates all styles of music, Hip-Hop just comes naturally to her.

Ari’s newest single “Dance into the Party” shows off dome of her Hip-Hop moves. To date, Ari has released only a series of singles, but she does have plans to release the songs in an album format in the coming year.

Ari says that she would like to set up a tour but feels that her focus is on creating new music…and videos. Ari says that she wants to bring dance back. And when the opportunity to perform live shows presents itself, Ari will have plenty of ideas on how to put dance into those shows.

Ari said that is looking to have her next single and video for “Day and Night” out by the end of the year.

photo courtesy of HYPR Media

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