Live Performances and Fan Vote Returns on ‘The Voice’

Over halfway through the season, and “The Voice” has finally reached the live shows and has turned the decisions of who stays and who goes home to the fans.

The Voice

For the first time the fans will get to decide who of the 12 finalists will move on to the next round of competition.

This week the singers are performing songs with special dedications.

First up is team Miley’s Brooke Simpson with “Only God Can Forgive”. Jennifer said that Brooke represented the power of music and showed what the show was all about; adding that Brooke consumed the world and took them all in. Coach Miley said that Jennifer took the words out of her mouth; adding that Brooke showed the world who she is.

Host Carson Daly announced that again this season, the four finalists will debut an original song during the finals courtesy of Toyota.

Team Blake’s Red Marlow performed “Church on Cumberland Road”. Calling the performance awesome, Adam said that authenticity is number one for him and that performance was as real as it gets. Noting that he knew Red was a great singer, coach Blake noted that it was the first time he had seen Red give a real performance. Red said that just because he’s old doesn’t mean he can’t move.

Blake and Adam’s band Maroon 5 both released new albums last week. The artists made a bet involving whomever sold the most albums. Carson revealed that Blake’s album reached the number four spot on the Billboard Album chart but Maroon 5’s album reached the number two spot. According to the bet Blake had to call Adam the greatest that ever was for the rest of the show.

Team Jennifer’s Shi’Ann Jones performed “Vision of Love”. Carson said that the 15 year old singer made it look effortless. Blake said that he was super jealous; adding she picked the perfect time to become the highlight of the show. Saying that Shi’Ann always touches her heart, Jennifer said that Shi’Ann sings with a reason and purpose, but she outdid herself on this performance.

Carson announced that again this season any singer who has their song reach the top 10 on the iTunes chart by the end of voting on Tuesday will have their votes multiplied by five. While no artist had reached the top 10 of the overall iTunes singles chart after the show had aired on both coasts, six artists have songs in the top 10 on the genre charts and two of them have songs from previous performances in the top 10 on a genre chart.

Team Adam’s John Mero performed “Why I Love You”. Carson said he sang the song flawlessly. Agreeing that it was the perfect song choice, Miley noted that John has stepped up his game and delivered a perfect performance. Jennifer was holding her shoe in her hand. Adam said that the performance was special because John is not just a technical singer. Adam noted that the performance was more amazing than he thought it would be.

Team Miley’s Ashland Craft performed “Delta Dawn”. Jennifer said that Ashland owned the stage. Calling herself Ashland’s number one fan, Miley said that Ashland showed some star power; adding that she set the standard with that performance.

Team Adam’s Adam Cunningham gave a Chris Stapleton meets Phil Collins performance of “Against All Odds”. Noting that there was a misstep at the beginning, Blake said that Adam delivered the song. Adam said that it wasn’t about the mistakes – they all make them – but about the recovery and Adam recovered well.

After setting a record for the highest charting song during the knockout rounds in the history of the show, Chloe Kohanski took on Dido with “Thank You”. Saying that she missed Chloe on her team ,Miley called Chloe a superstar; adding that it felt like she was at an awards show where Chloe performed. Blake said that he has been sitting in the same chair for 13 seasons and has never heard a more rounded voice; adding that Chloe is a star.

Davon Flemming from team Jennifer performed “Love on Top” by Beyonce. Asking what was that, Adam noted that Davon didn’t look tired after his performance and threw a shoe. Jennifer also threw a show, which got stuck in the pit, and said that Davon made the song his own and took it to a whole new level and entertained the crowd.

Team Adam’s Addison Agen performed the Sara Bareilles song “She Used to Be Mine” and had Carson saying she did an excellent job. Saying that she enjoyed working with Addison, Miley said that she knows Addison will be there till the end. Saying she has an incredible voice, Adam noted that Addison is a person who can be an inspiration to so many young girls; adding that she is one of the most special singers in the world.

Keisha Renee performed the Gladys Knight hit “Midnight Train to Georgia” with a Country flair. Carson said what a night of music. Jennifer said that they were on the train with Kiesha; adding Kiesha doesn’t hit a wrong note and her voice is like silk. Blake called it one of his all time favourite performances on “The Voice” stage.

Team Jennifer’s Noah Mac wrote his own arrangement for “Speed of Sound” by Coldplay. Referencing “Back to the Future”, Adam said Noah looked like he belonged in the 50s but was trapped in the future. Jennifer said that she can see Noah at all the awards shows and his music at the top of the music charts.

Ending the night of musical performances, team Miley’s Janice Freeman sand “I Was Made for You” and had Blake throwing his cowboy boots. Blake noted that for the first time he took off his boots and that said it all. Saying that she was proud of Janice, Miley said Janice delivered and told her story. Miley called it her favourite performance of the night.

On Tuesday’s show the first singer is eliminated and the instant save returns.

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