Peter Kleinhans: Horsing Around with Music

A major in Creative Writing, a long career of training horses, and a passion for music may sound like a group of people; but they are in fact a single person.

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Peter Kleinhans has spent his entire professional career training champion harness racing horses – a career he started when he was still a teen. But Peter sees the once noble sport dying out and has turned his attention to another passion…music. Peter says that his Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing helps to provide an outlet for his songwriting abilities.

The love affair with horses began when the New York City native got his first horse at age 15. Within three years he was announcing the races. He was the youngest race announcer on record at 18.

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Training and even racing horses helped to pay for college and later became a career. While he doesn’t have an exact number, Peter figures he has over 1,000 race wins as a trainer and driver.

But in the background there was always the writing…and music. And after 30 years in the horse racing business, Peter is charting a new career with his music. While he loves writing poetry, Peter says that the music adds something to the words. As a songwriter, Peter admits that playing other writers’ compositions isn’t as interesting as performing his original music.

Peter says that his compositions are story songs that he takes from the observation of people and their struggles. And while he does play guitar and sing on the new album, Peter admits that his real forte is in the songwriting itself. He calls it an energizing experience. Noting that every day brings something new to see and write, Peter calls his writing his way of getting his two cents out there.

Writing songs for a new album is not all Peter has planned for the new year…he is also getting married in January.

It is said that music soothes the savage soul and Peter Kleinhans has gone from soothing the savage soul of horses to soothing the souls of mankind with his words and music.

photos courtesy of HYPR Media

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