Season 25 of DWTS Crowns a Winner

“Dancing with the Stars” has reached another grand finale and in a performance packed show the three finalists will have to dance two more times – a reprise of their favourite dance and a 24 fusion dance – for judge’s scores…and for the first time instant voting from the fans.


But first the pros get the night started off with a routine to “Dancing in the Streets” and the announcement of three finalists choreographed by Mandy Moore.

Nikki Bella joins the female pros for a dance.

Lindsey and Mark get the competition started off with a Jive to “”Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”. Host Tom Bergeron said that they looked like they had more fun this time around. Calling Lindsey such an accomplished dancer, Len said THAT was a Jive. Bruno called it a sizzling sparkler of a Jive; adding that it was so sharp it crackled. Noting that it was a great way to start the finale, Carrie Ann said that Lindsey has a star quality like no other and has become such a brilliant dancer. Lindsey and Mark earned a perfect score of 30 for their Jive.

Frankie and Witney perform an Argentine Tango that Bruno called smoking, smoldering, and compelling.  Bruno noted that they were totally in focus; adding that the dance was better the second time around.  Saying that she was glad they did that dance, Carrie Ann called it Frankie’s breakout dance.  Saying that it had mood and atmosphere, Len called it a fantastic Argentine Tango.  Frankie and Witney score 30 points for their dance.

Country music star Kelsea Ballarini performed while Val and Jenna danced.

Jordan and Lindsay performed a Samba.  Carrie Ann said that Jordan is so light on his feet and takes ownership of every move he makes.  She added that the dance was much improved from the first time they performed it.  Calling it a great piece of choreography, Len said it was a great performance with great technique.   Calling the dance incredible, Bruno said that Jordan is so mesmerizing and exciting; adding that he draws the audience like a magnet.  Bruno called Jordan a world class dancer.  Jordan and Lindsay earned a perfect score of 30 for their dance.

Favourite Dance Scores:
Lindsey and Mark – 30
Frankie and Witney – 30
Jordan and Lindsay – 30

After a recap of the first few weeks of the season, Derek Fisher and Sharna performed a basketball themed dance.

The DWTS guys perform…and show off their abs.  The women in the audience wave 10 paddles.  Len is Santa Claus.

The DWTS Troupe dances.

After more recaps, Vanessa and Maks dance.

Lindsey Stirling gets out her violin for a performance of “Christmas Come On” with Becky G while the pros dance.  Erin told Lindsey that she was so good at that.

Debbie Gibson performs “Sleigh Ride” and Jordan Fisher performs “What Christmas Means to Me”.

After another recap Drew and Emma dance the Jive and Drew’s twin brother Jonathan joins in.

Time for the Fusion dances…
First up is Lindsey and Mark with a Cha Cha-Tango fusion. Tom said that he knew when Mark came back to the show that they were in store for some incredible dancing. Len called Lindsey an amazing dancer and a wonderful performer. Bruno noted that you could see the fusion clearly but the dances were blended seamlessly. Carrie Ann noted that all the finalists have become so good; adding that Lindsey and Mark’s dance went beyond fusion and was uniquely theirs. Lindsey and Mark earned another perfect score of 30 points for their dance.

Frankie and Witney dance a Foxtrto-Tango Fusion. Bruno said that they were glittering hot to trot foxy Tango at full trot and while there was a bit of a misstep, they gave a very good performance. Carrie Ann called Frankie the heart and soul of what the show is about; adding they made the dance their own. Carrie Ann said that the dance was elegant and smooth. Len noted that Frankie has not always been the judge’s champion but he has been 100 percent the people’s champion. Len noted that there was a bit of confusion in the Fusion dance. Frankie and Witney scored 28 points for their dance.

Barbara joins the DWTS pro guys for a little Rudolph dance.

In the final dance of the season, Jordan and Lindsay perform a Salsa-Paso Doble Fusion. Carrie Ann noted that there isn’t much left to say; adding that Jordan’s skills are out of this world and he is an incredible dancer. Carrie Ann said that Jordan has helped Lindsay to grow aw well. Len called Jordan the most complete male celebrity to ever appear on DWTS. Bruno said that Jordan is right up there with the best they have ever seen on the show. Jordan and Lindsay scored a perfect 30 points for their dance.

Fusion Dance Scores:
Frankie and Witney – 28
Lindsey and Mark – 30
Jordan and Lindsay – 30

Total Grand Finale Scores:
Frankie and Witney – 30 + 28 = 58
Lindsey and Mark – 30 + 30 = 60
Jordan and Lindsay – 30 + 30 = 60

Total Two Night Finale Scores:
Frankie and Witney 76 + 58 = 134
Lindsey and Mark – 80 + 60 = 140
Jordan and Mark – 80 + 60 = 140

DWTS revealed that this year the tour will be taking two stars with them on the road – Jordan and Frankie.

Nick Lachay performed “Someone to Dance With”.

The third place dancer for season 25 is Frankie and Witney.

The winner of season 25 on “Dancing with the Stars” is…






Jordan and Lindsay!!!!!

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