BPO Performs Water Inspired Music

Water is essential to life. It can also offer peace and tranquility or stir up a raging storm of mass destruction.


But water can also inspire art and musical compositions as it did for French composer Hector Berlioz, Russian composer Anatoly Liadov, and French composer Claude Debussy.

On November 17 and 18 former Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Musical Director Maximiano Valdes returned to Buffalo and the BPO as guest conductor for a water inspired concert performance.

Valdes admitted to the large crowd that after all these years, he still gets butterflies before a

After opening the concert with “Le Corsaire Overture, Op 21” by He tor Berlioz,guest cellist Julian Schwarz joined the BPO for a performance of the Edouard Lalo composition “Concerto in D minor for Cello”.

Valdes and Schwarz needed only a look between them to communicate as Schwarz played and Valdes led the Orchestra in a flawless performance

After the intermission, the BPO returned to the stage for a performance of “The Enchanted Lake, A Fairytale for Orchestra, Op 62” by Anatoly Liadov.

The concert concluded with the featured composition “Le Mer” by Claude Debussy. At times the music rose and fell as if it were waves lapping upon the shore and then rolling back to the sea. Even the string players resembled the movement of the waves as they worked the bow up and down on the strings.

Even after Puerto Rico was ravaged by Hurricane Maria, Valdes as principal conductor for the Puerto Rico Symphony, led the orchestra in concert performances around rhe island.

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