Laughter in the Den with Williams and Ree

Continuing the celebration of Native American Heritage month at the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino, the musical comedy duo of Williams and Rees performed in the Bear’s Den Showroom on November 18.


Billing themselves as the Indian and the White Guy the duo offered up some decidedly unpolitically correct and at times politically laced comedy, because there are times you just have to let go.

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With no set list or laid out plan, Bruce Williams – the white guy – and Terry Ree – the Indian (he is a member of the Sioux Nation) – kept the crowd rolling in laughter as they spoke on recent current events including the plethora of recent allegations, Alabama Senator Roy Moore – he’s dumber than a bail of hay; when he says good morning he’s told you everything he knows they say -, the internet, the Hollywood casting couch, Daylight Savings Time – Ree’s tired of the white man jocking around with his clock, term limits – every politician should serve two terms, one in office and one in jail -, and the ever present issue of the treatment of Native Americans. Ree noted that had his ancestors known what Christopher Columbus was up to, they would have built a wall around Columbus.


And while many comedy routines include sketches about the current U.S. Administration, Williams and Ree only noted that since he has been in office they don’t have to do any writing – he writes it for them.


The hour and a half performance also included some musical performances and parodies including what the guys called the Indian National Anthem – “This Land Ain’t Your Land”. The evening was a pleasant and fun filled break from the politically correct world and offered some needed full out laughter.


The Native American Music Award winning duo of Williams and Ree have been entertaining audiences for nearly 50 years with their unique brand of humour and will celebrate 50 years of comedy and music in 2018.

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