Top Eleven Perform on ‘The Voice’

This week on “The Voice” the remaining eleven singers take to the stage to perform for fan votes. And this week all of the songs being performed were chosen by the fans.

The Voice

Getting the night of music started off is team Miley’s Janice Freeman with “Shine”. Host Carson Daly said it took him back to his K-rock days. Adam said that he didn’t really like the song…until Janice sung it; adding that she is not normal – and he meant that in the most complimentary way. Coach Miley noted that Janice has overcome a lot; adding that there is a light shining down on her.

Team Blake’s Red Marlow had a special guest with him this week…his Dad. Slowing things down a bit Red performed the Garth Brooks hit “The Dance”. Red noted that telling stories was his favourite thing to do. Carson said that Red did an excellent job. Jennifer said that singers like Red show singers like her how powerful it is when a singer can silence the crowd; adding that Red stood there and owned the moment and commanded the stage. Blake noted that Red captivated the crowd; adding that the reason Red is such a great storyteller is that Red sings with pure simple honesty.

Team Jennifer’s Shi’Ann Jones performed the Beyonce song “Listen”. Calling the performance unbelievable, Carson said that you could feel the electriicity in the room. Miley called Shi’Ann a total princess; adding that it was a great performance. Saying that Shi’Ann’s low tones are magical, Miley said that she believed every song Shi”Ann sang. Jennifer noted that the amazing thing about Shi’Ann’s talent is that she is only 15; adding that Shi’Ann made the song relateable.

After surviving the instant save last week, team Adam’s Adam Cunningham performed the Tom Petty song “American Girl”. Saying that Adam performed with a lot of energy and deserved to be there until the end, Blake said that he would be shocked if Adam was in the bottom this week. Saying that it was crazy Adam was ever in the bottom, coach Adam said that Adam gave more than was needed tonight.

Team Miley’s Brooke Simpson sang “What About Us” and had Carson saying great job. Adam said that he enjoys watching how Brooke relates to the music; adding that it was more great stuff from her. Miley said that Brooke had such an amazing way to interpret the music; adding that Brooke made the song her own.

Team Jennifer’s Davon Flemming took on the great Whitney Houston with “I Have Nothing”. Carson called the performance incredible. Saying that he is a fan and Davon is one of his favourites, Blake called Davon a great singer; adding Davon is the only one in the competition who sings with such dynamics. Saying that she is blow away by Davon, coach Jennifer said that Davon taught them all and Davon is singing his way to the top. Speaking on male singers performing hits by female singers – especially powerhouse singers – Adam said that it was a miracle that Davon could perform the song.

Team Miley’s Ashland Craft sang “Chicken Fried”. Adam said that he gave Ashland an A+ for her performance but an F- to the crowd for their clapping (This is not the first time Adam has remarked on how bad the audience clapping is.) Miley noted that Ashland had confidence, used he stage, and involved the crowd.

Carson revealed that next spring several of “The Voice” alumni would be involved in a residency at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.

Team Adam’s Addison Agen took on the song that Adam said she was born to perform – Joni Mitchell with “A Case of You”. Carson said that a great performance is a great performance. Agreeing that great is great, Jennifer said that Addison is beyond great; adding that she is not just talented, but is gifted. Jennifer said that you can’t let talent like that slip through the cracks. . Jennifer can’t wait for the album so she can play it over and over again. Adam said that they were all moved by what Addison did; adding that the song was the full recognition of her talent.

Team Blake’s Kiesha Renee performed the Faith Hill song “It Matters to Me”.Miley noted that Kiesha is going to see herself high up on the chart this week; adding that Kiesha is a refreshing voice to hear. Blake said that Kiesha delivered a solid performance.

Team Jennifer’s Noah Mac performed a stripped down version of “Electric Love” that featured a string quartet. Saying that Noah did everything right tonight, Adam noted that Noah’s voice does not match his looks; saying that it juxtaposes who he is. Saying that she had to scream for the girls, Jennifer said that Noah was electric and owned the stage; adding that he took every opportunity to show the star that he is.

Closing out the night was team Blake’s Chole Kohanski with the Bonnie Tyler hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. Chloe noted that she has been getting messages to perform the song since the blind auditions. Carson noted what a way to finish the show. Miley was see Chloe shining and being original; adding that the song was perfect for Chloe. Blake said that Chloe just set the bar.

At the end of the east coast broadcast two singers had their songs in the top 10 of the overall singles iTunes chart with another at 15; with another six artists’ songs in the top 10 on the iTunes genre charts.  Two artists have previous performances still in the top 10 on an iTunes genre chart.

On Tuesday night the top 10 will be revealed with performances by team Miley, team Adam, and Blake Shelton.

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