Top 10 Revealed on ‘The Voice’

For the performances last night on “The Voice” the fans chose the performance songs with all eleven of the artists charting on the iTunes top 100 with three of them in the top 10…and two artists taking the top two spots.

The Voice

IN the first results of the night team Blake’s Chloe Kohanski and team Adam’s Addison Agen are safe and the first two artists in the top 10.

Team Miley – Ashland, Brooke, Janice, and Miley – perform the Shania Twain hit “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”.

In the next results…team Miley’s Brooke Simpson and team Jennifer’s Davon Flemming are safe and a part of the  top 10.

Team Adam – Adam Cunningham, Addison Agen, and Adam Levine – perform Fleetwood Mac’s “Ho You Your Way”.

In the next results…team Blake’s Red Marlow and team Jennifer’s Noah Mac are safe and in the top 10.

Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson take the stage for a performance of Blake’s “I’ll Name the Dogs”

Tim for more results…team Miley’s Ashland Craft, team Blake’s Keisha Renee, and team Jennifer’s Shi’Ann Jones are all safe leaving Janice Freeman and Adam Cunningham again in the bottom two and facing elimination.

Adam Cunningham performed “Amazed” for his last chance performance. Blake dumped your heart and soul into the song, wished you could have done that song last night. Noting that they are here again, Adam called it one of Adam’s best performances.

Janice chose “Chandelier” for her last chance performance. Miley said that she was so honoured to perform with Janice, truly believe that if anybody deserves to stick around, it is Janice.

In the final results of the night, America instantly saved Adam Cunningham for the second week in a row.

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