Smudge Proof Lip Stain Just in Time for the Holidays?

New smudge proof lip stains and lipsticks are puckering up all over the Internet right now and may just be the next hot item out for Christmas. But is it really smudge proof?

 Smudge Proof Lip Stain Just in Time for the Holidays

New smudge proof lips stain on the market

Valra Cosmetics has introduced a new peel-off type of smudge proof lip stain shown in the video below. It certainly seems easy enough to use. Just apply lip stain as usual and then leave it on for 10 minutes. Apparently it dries to a sticky feel but them you just peel it off and shazamm! Now you are left with a pretty colour stain on your lips that won’t smudge. Really?

Available stains are shades such as Watermelon, Rose Pink and Cherry Red. Apparently kiss-proof, waterproof and virtually smudge proof- these stains are causing a bit of a sensation and we’re hoping it’s every bit as good as it promises!

Will it last into the New Year? It depends on just how good this lip sensation turns out to be and how many women want what it promises. No doubt there will be many more brands coming that will offer the same thing. But still, wouldn’t it be just peachy to get to that Holiday do and not have to worry about your lips fading into the night?

New sensation? Take a look at the video below and decide for yourself:

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