Top 10 Perform on ‘The Voice’

This week on “The Voice” the top 10 will take the stage to perform but on the results show the top 10 will become the top eight with a double elimination as the end of the season quickly approaches in just a few short weeks.

The Voice

This week the artists will be performing songs that inspired them.

Team Jennifer’s Davon Flemming gets the night of music started off with “Hurt” by Christina Aguilera. Davon grew up singing in the church. In rehearsals Jennifer said that she needed her collection pan. At the end of the performance Jennifer threw her shoe. Adam first told Davon that he had a nice jacket and then noted that what Davon does is nothing short of miraculous, remarkable, and stunning. Blake said that if Davon wasn’t in the finals it would be ridiculous; adding that Davon is an incredible singer. A shoeless Jennifer said that Davon represented everything that the show was about; and adding that if he wasn’t in the finals, then she didn’t understand why they were there in the first place.

Team Adam’s Adam Cunningham has survived being in the bottom two thanks to the instant save for the past two weeks. This week Cunningham picked his own song and chose to go pure Country with the Pam Tillis hit “Maybe it Was Memphis”. Host Carson Daly told Adam that he did a nice job. Noting that it was an iconic Country song, Blake said that he would never have thought of that song for Adam Cunningham; adding that Adam did a great job. Calling it a great performance, Miley was happy to see Adam on the stage. Saying Dude!, Coach Adam said that he let Cunningham pick his own songs since the coach (himself) sucked at it; adding that Adam did it his own way and have his best performance on the show.

Team Jennifer’s Noah Mac chose to perform a stripped down version of the Duran Duran song “Ordinary World” with Noah beginning the song at the piano. Mile said that really loved the performance; adding that it was beautiful. Calling Noah an entertainer, Miley called Noah a great performer. Jennifer noted that she didn’t know what direction Noah was going to take but she was mesmerized and captivated by the performance.

Team Jennifer’s Shi’Ann Jones chose the Rihanna hit “Diamonds” and had Carson saying that she did a nice job. After telling Shi’Ann that she looked beautiful, Adam said that Shi’Ann has been far and away the most improved singer on the show. Blake said that his favourite thing about Shi’Ann was the character in her voice; adding that she was going to jump out on the radio. Noting that Shi’Ann has so much potential, Jennifer said that she heard a bit of Beyonce, Mariah, and Beyonce in Shi’Ann’s performance.

Taking a break from the competition, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani performed their Christmas song “You Make it Fell Like Christmas”.

Team Blake’s Chloe Kohanski performed the Blondie hit “Call Me”. Carson noted that Chloe electrified the room; adding way to rock. Noting that there was no such thing as too much, Miley said that Chloe made her happy. Yelling yes, Blake said that Chloe is a star period.

Team Blake’s Keisha Renee chose the Eric Carmen composition “All By Myself”. Carson called the performance beautiful. Jennifer asked what was she supposed to say after that. Calling it an incredible performance, Jennifer congratulated Keisha on her amazing performance. A standing Blake noted that he told Keisha in rehearsals that it was time to separate herself from the rest of the pack; saying America…I introduce Keisha Renee.

Team Miley’s Ashland Craft followed up her performance last week of “Chicken Fried” with the Joan Jett song “I Hate Myself for Loving You”. Saying that she couldn’t take her eyes off of Ashland Jennifer called Ashland a star who has found her stride. Saying that she loved the performance…and the all female band…Miley said that Ashland brought Rock and Roll to Country music.

Team Miley’s Brooke Simpson grew up traveling from church to church with her evangelist parents. She chose “Amazing Grace” for her performance and had Carson calling it an outstanding performance; one that also brought the coaches to their feet. Jennifer noted that Brooke showed that spirit is universal; adding that Brooke touched their hearts. Blake said that Brooke took it to the next level. Miley noted that Brooke put a giant band-aid on her broken heart after losing one of her artists last week; adding that Brooke isn’t going anywhere this week.

Team Blake’s Red Marlow chose a song that came from a part of his childhood…and even claims to be a part of the song. Saying that the songwriters went to his Dad’s church, Red performed “That’s What I Love About Sundays”. Red says that he was the mean little freckle faced his mentioned in the song. Jennifer called Red lovable; adding that he could do no wrong and she was with him to the last second of the song. Blake said that Red is going to be around for a long time…further, even after the show; adding that Red just has a thing about him and can tell a story.

Team Adam’s Addison Agen closed out the show with her performance of the Britney Spears song “Lucky”. Carson noted that the top 10 have done an incredible job tonight. Saying that Addison hit a soft spot for her, Miley noted that Addison made the song her own. Saying that there are a lot of great singers in the competition, Adam said that he truly believes that Addison is the best artist in the competition, a class act, and the real deal.

After the east coast broadcast one artist is in the top 10 of the overall iTunes singles chart with five artists having their songs in the top 10 of the various genre iTunes charts.

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