Finalists Revealed on ‘The Voice’

It’s the final cut before naming a winner on “The Voice” and it’s the most brutal when the field will be cut in half from eight singers to only four.

The Voice

Before the close of voting at noon seven of the top 10 on the iTunes overall singles chart were held by “The Voice” artists with all 12 performances in the top 25.

Host Carson Dale revealed that coach Blake Shelton has had at least one artist in the finals eleven of the past 12 seasons. Adam noted that he has also has the same record as Blake for artists in the finals; actually it’s 10 of 12.

In the first results of the night, the first artist moving on to the finals is…

…,after topping the iTunes chart, Chloe Kohanski.

Machine Gun Kelly, Bebe Rexa, and Xambassadors join forces on “The Voice” stage for a performance of “Home”.

In the next results, the artist moving on to the finals is…

…Addison Agen.

Coach Jennifer Hudson debuts her new single “Burnin’ Down”.

And the final artist moving on to the finals before the last instant save of the season is…

…Miely’s only remaining artist Brooke Simpson. It’s her first artist in the finals in her two seasons on the show.

Red, Adam, Noah, Davon, and Keisha will all have to hope for a chance to compete for the instant save in order to become the final artist moving on to the finals.

Some of the artists who will be a part of “The Voice” Las Vegas Residency next spring give fans a bit of a preview with a performance.

In previous weeks the artists with the lowest votes competed for the instant save, but this week the two artists with the lowest votes will be going home without getting the chance to perform for the instant save.

Adam Cunninghan, Noah Mac, and Red Marlow will all be performing for the last spot in the finals.

Keisha Renee and Davon Fleming have been eliminated.

Up first is Red Marlow with the Alabama song “Dixieland Delight”. Blake said that Red has had a great run on the show and deserves to be in the finals.

Next up is Adam Cunninghan sang “Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares”. Coach Adam called Adam Cunninghan the story; adding that it is poetic that he should be in the finals.

Last up is Noah Mac with “Sign of the Times”. Jennifer said that they need people who sing with a heart like Noah just did.

Blake offered Red a gig at his Oklahoma venue…before the phone starts ringing.

The final artist going to the finals via the instant save is…

…Red Marlow!

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