Arriving For Christmas: All the Money In the World!

Pushed back three days, “All the money in the World” will be arriving Christmas morning along with your other surprises! Originally set to be released on December 22, this thriller, starring Christopher Plummer will now be in theatres December 25.


Arriving for Christmas: All the Money in the World

Kevin Spacey initially had been set to star as the elder Getty but amidst several sexual assault allegations has been removed from the role. Amazingly the movie managed the quick turnaround and is now facing 3 nominations at the 75th Golden Globe Awards.

Another odd twist is the fact that director Ridley Scott had always been partial to the idea of Plummer as the elder Getty in the first place. He re-shot scenes, bringing back Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg to try to make the switch as quick and as efficient as possible and still make the original December 22nd date. Well, it worked. The only problem was that Sony pushed the date back three days anyway.

The plot is a historic one- the grandson of the richest man in the world and arguably the richest in history- is kidnapped and, of course, their is a ransom. However, there is just one small problem. The grandfather, J. P. Getty- refuses to pay.

Here’s the trailer!

This movie is based on the true story of Jean Paul Getty’s refusal to cooperate with the demands of a group of kidnappers, from the Mafia group ‘Ndrangheta’, who abducted his grandson- John Paul Getty III in the 70s. The plot continues on about all the energy and emotion spent as well as what roads are taken as a result of this decision.

The stellar cast, includes all the above mentioned actors as well as Timothy Hutton as Getty’s attorney. And the Christmas time viewing fun doesn’t stop here. Check it out, there’s a slew of great movies coming up in time for the Holidays.

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