Final Four Perform on ‘The Voice’

And then there were four!

It’s the finals for season 13 of “The Voice” with Addison Agen, Chloe Kohanski, Brooke Simpson, and Red Marlow competing one final time for fan votes.

The Voice

In her first season on “The Voice”, Jennifer does not have a singer in the finals.

The singers will be performing three times – a cover, a duet with their coach, and an original song written for or by them.

First up is team Adam’s steal Addison Agen with “Humble and Kind”. After an emotional ending to the song, Jennifer noted that by feeling the song, Addison allowed them to come in; adding that Addison is humble, beautiful, and kind. Coach Adam noted that the fact Addison lost it at the end was beautiful; adding that she amazes him and blows him away.

The first of two o Blake’s finalists Chloe Kohanski performed her original song “Wish I Didn’t Love You”. Blake told America to think of every super star they could remember and think about how they are like no other; adding that Chloe is a super star.

In the first duet of the night Blake joins his second finalist Red Marlow for a performance of the Brad Paisley song “I’m Gonna Miss Her”.

Team Miley’s singer Brooke Simpson debuts her original song “What is Beautiful” that was co-written by her coach Miley Cyrus. After noting that he loved Brooke, Adam said that he loved watching her through it all and is happy that the song showed who she was. Coach Miley said that Brooke is a necessary artist. Calling Brrooke “The Voice”, Miley encouraged people to vote for Brooke.

In the next duet Addison pairs up with her coach Adam for a performance of “Falling Slowly”. In the video package Adam noted that he would cry during the emotional song.

Miley joins her artist Brooke Simpson for a performance of Miley’s song “Wercking Ball”.

Team Blake’s Red Marlow performs his original song “I Pray” – one that he himself wrote. Saying that anybody who can get up on the stage and sing a song with the title of “I Pray” is all right with her, Jennifer said that Red was it and represented Country music well. Coach Blake noted that the reason Blake is in the finals is reliability; adding that Red took it to the next level and is a Country star.

Blake pairs up with Chloe for a performance of the Roy Orbison song “You Got It”.

Red returns to the stage for a beautiful rendition of the Garth Brooks song “Make You Feel My Love”. The song was originally written by Bob Dylan. Blake said that Red can sit on a stool with just his guitar and blow him away. Blake noted that Red has spent his entire life preparing for that moment.

Brooke chose the holiday classic “O Holy Night”. Saying that it was one of her favourite holiday songs, Jennifer called the performance a gift. Coach Miley just begged fans to vote again for Brooke, calling it important to vote for her.

Addison Agen debuts her original single “Tennessee Rain”. Jennifer said that Addison is music; adding that she was born to be a star. Adam said that all of her songs represented who Addison is; adding that he couldn’t imagine a better example to inspire to than Addison.

Chloe closes out the night with her cover song “Bette Davis Eyes”. Blake said that they have a super star standing on the stage and then asked fans to vote for Chloe.

At the end of the east coast broadcast all four of the artists had at least one song on the top 40 overall iTunes singles chart with three of them in the top 10 and two holding down the top two spots with their original songs.

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