Trump‘s National Security Plan ‘America First’ Goes Global

December 18, 2017 President Trump on Monday is expected to announce a new national security policy that will essentially implement his “America First” strategy globally.

The Associated Press reported on Monday that President Trump will outline the plan in a speech focusing on four main themes: protecting the homeland; promoting American prosperity; demonstrating peace through strength; and advancing American influence in an ever-competitive world.

Critics argue that if fully implemented, Trump’s doctrine could negatively impact U.S. international relationships. The Trump administration has repeatedly defended the plan, emphasizing that “America First” does not mean America alone.

After a 12-day, five-country trip to Asia in November with few concrete achievements, President Trump took to Twitter to tout the success of the “America First” foreign policy. Trump claimed the policy has restored strength and respect to the United States on the world stage after years of what he called failed leadership under his predecessors.

Trump’s “America First” campaign slogan was first used by an anti-Semitic movement that tried to block the United States from going to war with the Nazis. According to a National Review report, the America First Committee was founded in the spring of 1940 by isolationist students at Yale University and quickly became a major national movement supported by many Republicans and conservatives.

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