Golden Globes Powerful Platform for Celebrity Solidarity

Award Shows are increasingly becoming a viable and very visible platform for celebrities to showcase their political and social stands. As was well publicized, actresses wore all black to the 2018 Golden Globes to protest the ongoing sexual harassment expose.

Golden Globes Powerful Platform for Celebrity Solidarity

Golden Globes Was Painted Black

As a result, the red carpet was painted black for the 75th Golden Globes, with the many celebs-mostly women- who joined in the protest- a powerful show of solidarity for the #TimesUp movement.

However, Emma Stone, whose makeup artist was Rachel Goodwin, had an added, but not as noticeable feminist message incorporated into her professional makeup! Goodwin researched and learned that the colours green, purple and white were the colours of the Suffragette Movement of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Those colours were worn on banners, sashes and pins. So she incorporated the colours into her makeup strategy for Emma Stone.

Goodwin utilized the fact that Emma’s eyes are already green so she added a bit of white on the inside of her eyes and under her brows. For her blush and lips she used shades of purple. Goodwin added that “those were the only three colours in the makeup”. She also explained that Stone was just as excited about the little hidden message her makeup portrayed to the evening and the message of feminine empowerment.

There is no doubt that the overall effect of all those black gowns was powerful as well as making for a very chique red carpet. And everyone was able to pull it off most elegantly. But not everyone wore the black that was expected.

Actress Blanca Blanco wore a bright red dress and was confronted with a certain amount of tweeter flack for doing so. Blanco tweeted back to her retractors that “shaming is part of the problem” and the next day she wrote that the issue is bigger than a dress colour.

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