Germany Releases Historic Statement Over Role in Europe

In December, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel in which he told government officials in Berlin, that the global order was shifting. The world order had been in place since the end of World War I after the success and strenght that was shown by the United States. According to Gabriel, the part of the United States was changing due to the fact the United States is “retreating from it under the leadership of President Donald Trump.”

Gabriel stressed that the view of the United States as being “protective” is “crumbling away,” and that President Trump’s view of America First would create an isolationist nation for the United States and that European nations must step up in this changing order.

The United States, according to Gabriel, will continue to be an international partner, “there is no doubt we will need and also maintain this partnership. However, this partnership alone will not be sufficient to actually maintain our strategic interests.” Gabriel stessed that Germany must increase an independent position and like the U.S prioritize its own interests.

Earlier versions of this story incorrectly asserted that Gabriel and Germany had announced that a change in policy by denouncing the United States and President Trump. That report stated that, “Germany’s top diplomat has just informed the United States that they no longer see the United States as the ally they once were, saying that leadership from President Donald Trump has led Europe on a path toward nuclear war.” According to the website Snopes, this report was false.

This is not to say that Germany has not had it problems with the new President of the United States. Angela Merkel,Chancellor of Germany had suggested Germany and Europe can no longer rely on the US under Donald Trump in April, 2017. Merkel spoke at a campaign event that although there was a need for friendly relations with the United States,Britain and Russia but also added “We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands.”

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