Rare Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on the Rise!

A rare and awesome natural event is scheduled for the early hours of January 31, 2018. The Super Blue Moon, will pass through the Earth’s shadow that same night to become a total lunar eclipse!

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Once in a Blue Moon- January 31/2018

This upcoming phenomenon really means that if you are in North America you will be treated to three ‘super natural’ events in one: a Blue Moon, a Super Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse all performed by the same moon in the wee hours of January 31st. A Blue Moon is the name given to any second full moon in a given month, which is fairly rare and only happens once in about three years,a Super Moon is a moon that looks bigger because it is at or within 90 percent of its closest approach to the earth.

As for the Lunar Eclipse- Totality (when the moon will be completely inside the Earth’s dark umbral shadow) will last slightly longer than one-and-a-quarter hours. And according to Earth Sky the last time we in the Americas actually had a Blue Moon eclipse was on March 31,1866. The next one? December 31, 2028.

Best times to watch for the eclipse? If you live in North America or the Hawaiian Islands, this lunar eclipse will be visible in your sky before sunrise on January 31.

However, if you live in the Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, Australia or New Zealand, it will occur in the evening hours after sunset on January 31.

Check out more about this phenomenon and how you can see it here.

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