Several People Dead After Florida University Bridge Collapse

UPDATE 2: A Florida Senator said at least 6 people were killed on Thursday’s bridge collapse at #Florida International University

UPDATE: Miami-Dade Police Chief Juan Perez said 8 people have been taken to the hospital and eight vehicles are stuck under the bridge and the number of dead is undetermined. One person is confirmed dead

March 15, 2018 Several people were killed Thursday afternoon when a brand new pedestrian bridge collapsed at Florida International University’s (FIU) in West Miami-Dade. At least five vehicles were crushed and Miami-Dade Fire And Rescue were on the scene loading victims into ambulances. Authorities have launched search and rescue missions.

The Associated Press reports the 950-ton span was installed on Saturday. The main part of the 174-foot span was assembled by the side of the road while support towers were built at either end.

MCM, the construction company that installed the fourteen million dollar bridge took its website down on Thursday. The bridge crossed over a busy seven lane road that divided the university’s campus from the city of Sweetwater.

An initial statement released via tweet from the Florida International University official Twitter account read:

[We are] “shocked and saddened about the tragic events unfolding” at the collapsed pedestrian bridge.”

U.S. lawmakers have expressed concern about the condition of crumbling infrastructure—including roads and bridges across the nation. In December, an Amtrak train derailed on its inaugural run in Washington state. The train was traveling on newly refurbished tracks on a new route designed to offer speedier service south of Tacoma.

Worldwide, transportation facilities have long been attractive targets for terrorist organizations. According to the University of Maryland BEST Center Risk Analysis, because bridges carry traffic through highway network meeting points, and where alternate routes are not available because of geographic constraints, an attack could have considerable impact on human lives and economic activity.

Check back for updates on the Florida International University Bridge collapse.

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