Retro Reviews: I Am Legend (2007)

For those Will Smith fans this horror/sci-fi thriller (yes all that) is a winner. Smith’s likeable personality is showcased to the max as he plays a military scientist who bravely fights the latest earthly threat which just happens to be that the entire population has become virus-infected mutant vampires!

How does the earth get into such a desperate state? Well, actually, by accident. You see what was supposed to end up being a cure for cancer turns out to be the ultimate flu shot with a disastrous result- almost all the recipients either die or become these hairless, frenzied, ravenous life-sucking vampires.

So as a result, all the Earth’s population but a sorry 99.whatever percent are infected, except that one of the non-infected-but-greatly-affected is Dr. Robert Neville (Smith). He is the brilliant scientist who sends his wife and child away from harm at the very beginning of the movie, convinced he can find a cure. He appears to be the only one not-affected but he just isn’t sure. And so he begins his desperate mission to find any living soul who just may also have been immune.

The story is spellbinding and the vampire-monsters- scary, right from the get go. There’s lots of pop-up horror fun too, as of course you may expect. Remember- as all good vampires, these blood-suckers hate the light and seek out only dark places so they can prey on any living thing, so there’s lots of room for surprise appearances! But their pickins’ are pretty low with Dr. Neville and his trusty German Shepherd as the only ones that seem to be alive.

Not only does Will Smith (Dr. Neville) fight back but he works and researches to find a cure to help mankind, intending to use his own immune blood as an antidote or cure. (And just luckily he has captured an injured, still-breathing-female vampire on a stretcher in his home). But indeed the possibility seems hopeless.

Add to this the fact that the poor doctor is assaulted every chance those lightning-moving, fast-flying, in-your-face, vampire monsters get. Desperately hoping there is another living soul who was immune like himself, Dr. Neville broadcasts every day that he will be available at noon hour at the seaport, begging anyone who is still “normal” to meet him there. But to find out what happens you will have to see the movie yourself. No spoilers here. A nice humane touch is the inclusion of the good Dr. Robert Neville’s German Shepard dog which also tends to lend a welcome element of humanity as well as normalcy to this way-out tale.

“I Am Legend” was a re-make of the oldie called, “The Last Man on Earth” (1954) with Vincent Price playing the lead. The story was inspired by the sci-fi novel of the same name- “I Am Legend”- written by Richard Matheson in 1954. It is a winner, in my humble opinion, and deserves respect.

Take a look at this exciting Trailer:

I will rate it a huge 8.5/10 for it’s fascination quality, the good input of likeable Will Smith and a super storyline that was respected throughout this adaption. Download it, buy it or stream it for ace entertainment anytime.

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